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About this Index: This index lists the names of all compounds found in the "ATR-IR - Inorganics 1 - Bio‑Rad Sadtler" spectral database. Bio-Rad is the world leader in spectral databases. They offer over 2.3 million high-quality IR, Raman, NIR, NMR, MS and UV-Vis spectra. Please visit our website for a complete listing.

Spectrum Name

12-tungstogermanic acid
aluminum borate trihydrate
aluminum lithium silicate
aluminum sulfate
aluminum tungstate
amminium hexachloroplumbate
ammonium 5-molybdocobaltate (III)
ammonium 6-molybdochromate (III)
ammonium 6-molybdocobaltate (III)
ammonium 6-molybdoferrate (III)
ammonium 6-molybdonickelate (II)
ammonium 9-molybdonickelate
ammonium chlorostannate hydrate
ammonium ferric chloride hydrate
ammonium fluoroborate
ammonium hexachlororhenate
ammonium hexafluoroaluminate
ammonium hexafluorogallate
ammonium hexafluorozirconate
ammonium iron (II) sulfate, hexahydrate
ammonium magnesium chloride, hexahydrate
ammonium metavanadate
ammonium oxalate hydrate
ammonium pentaborate, tetrahydrate
ammonium phosphate, trihydrate
ammonium selenate
ammonium tellurate
ammonium thiosulfate
ammonium zinc sulfate, hexahydrate
antimony (IV) oxide
barium metaborate
barium pyrovanadate
barium stannate
barium thiocyanate
barium titanate
beryllium carbonate, basic
beryllium oxide
beryllium sulfate
bismuth dichromate, basic
bismuth iodate
bismuth perchlorate
bismuth titanate
bismuth zirconate
boron oxide
cadmium fluoride
cadmium sulfite
calcium chromate (IV)
calcium fluoride
calcium fluoroborate
calcium oxalate, hydrate
calcium pyrovanadate
calcium selenate dihydrate
calcium silicate
calcium stannate
calcium titanate
ceric ammonium sulfate
ceric iodate
cerium (IV) oxide (ceric hydroxide)
cerium dioxide
cerium oxalate, nonahydrate
cerium tetrafluoride, monohydrate
cerium titanate
cesium borofluoride
cesium chlorate
cesium dichromate (VI)
cesium iodate
cesium nitrate
cesium perchlorate
cesium permanganate
cesium phosphate, tribasic
cesium sulfate
cesium tellurate
cesium tetrafluoroborate
cesium titanate
cesium tungstate
chloropentaaminecobalt (III) chloride
chromium (II) oxide
chromium (III) fluoride
cobalt (II) chloride, hexahydrate
cobalt (II) fluoride
cobalt ammonium phosphate
cobalt carbonate
cobalt dichromate
cobalt hydroxide hydrated
cobalt sulfate anhydrous
cobalt titanate
copper (I) oxide
copper (I) thiocyanate
copper (II) chromite, catalyst
copper (II) orthophosphate, trihydrate
copper (II) oxide
copper ammonium sulfate hydrate
copper iodate
copper sulfide
copper titanate
cupric ammonium nitrate
disodium phosphate
dysprosium chloride hydrated
dysprosium nitrate
dysprosium oxide
erbium chloride hexahydrate
erbium fluoride
erbium oxide
europium chloride, hydrated
europium sulfate
ferrous tungstate, trihydrate
gadolinium oxide
gadolinium (III) chloride hexahydrate
gadolinium fluoride
gadolinium sulfate
gadolinium vanadate
hafnium titanate
halfnium oxide
hexamminecobalt (III) chloride
holmium fluoride
holmium oxide
hydrazine dihydrochloride
indium fluoride
indium selenate
indium sulfate, nonahydrate
iron (II) fluoride
iron potassium oxalate, trihydrate
iron tungstate
lanthanum carbonate octahydrate
lanthanum fluoride
lanthanum nitrate, pentahydrate
lanthanum phosphate hydrate
lead carbonate
lead stannate
lead sulfite
lead titanate
lead zirconate
lithiium titanate (IV)
lithium aluminate
lithium carbonate
lithium hydride
lithium hydrosulfide
lithium iodate
lithium metaborate dihydrate
lithium metaborate, anhydrous
lithium molybdate (IV)
lithium niobate
lithium periodate
lithium silicate
lithium tetrafluoroborate
lithium tungstate
lithium vanadate
lithium zirconate
lithium zirconium silicate
magnesium fluoride
magnesium oxalate, dihydrate
magnesium oxide
magnesium stannate
magnesium titanate
magnesium tungstate
manganese (II) metasilicate
manganese (II) oxide
manganese (III) oxide
manganese oxalate, dihydrate
manganese titanate
manganese tungstate
mercury (I) chloride
mercury tellurite
molybdenum (VI) oxalate
molybdenum dioxychloride
molybdenum oxide
molybdenum trifluoride
neodymium nitrate, hexahydrate
nickel borate
nickel carbonate
nickel chromate
nickel cobalt oxide
nickel fluoride
nickel hexammine bromide
nickel molybdate (VI), hydrate
nickel phosphate, heptahydrate
nickel silicate
nickel sulfate
nickel titanate
nickel tungstate
niobium pentoxide
potassium dichromate
potassium fluostannate hydrate
potassium hexacyanocobaltate (III)
potassium hydrogen diiodate
potassium hydrogen oxalate
potassium metaborate
potassium metaperiodate
potassium metatantalate
potassium tetraborate, tetrahydrate
potassium thiomolybdate
potassium thiosulfate
potassium titanate
potassium titanium oxalate dihydrate
potassium zirconyl carbonate
praseodymium nitrate, pentahydrate
praseodymium oxide
praseodymium sulfate, hydrated
rubidium nitrate
rubidium sulfate
rubidium tetrafluoroborate
samairium (III) nitrate hydrated
samarium carbonate
samarium sulfate
scandium oxide
scandium sulfate, octahydrate
silica, hydrated
silicon boride
sodium 12-molybdosilicate hydrated
sodium 12-tungstogermanate
sodium borate perhydrate
sodium hexafluorotitanate
sodium hexafluorozirconate
sodium hydrogen oxalate
sodium metaantimonate hemihydrate
sodium metaborate, octahydrate
sodium metaperiodate
sodium metavanadate
sodium oxalate
sodium phosphate, dodecahydrate
sodium triphosphate
strontium hydroxide, octahydrate
strontium metaborate
strontium molybdate (VI)
strontium stannate
strontium titanate
strontium zirconate
tam barium stannate
tam barium zirconate
tam bismuth titanate
tam calcium titanate
tam cerium stannate
tam cerium titanate
tam magnesium titanate
tam strontium stannate
tantalum pentoxide
telluric (IV) acid, dihydrate
tellurium (IV) oxide
terbium oxide
terbium sulfate
tetraaminedichlorocopper hydrate
tetrasodium pyrophosphate
thallium molybdate
thorium nitrate, hexahydrate
thorium nitrate, tetrahydrate
thorium nitride
thulium oxide
tin (II) oxide
titanium sulfate, octahydrate
triazanium hexafluoroaluminum(3-)
tribasic copper sulfate
tungsten (IV) oxide
vanadium oxysulfate
yiterbium (III) oxide
yiterbium fluoride
yitrium oxide
zinc borate
zinc iodate
zinc orthophosphate
zinc perchlorate hydrated
zinc silicate
zinc stannate, tetrahydrate
zinc titanate
zinc zirconate
zirconium carbonate, hydrated
zirconium oxypyrophosphate
zirconium sulfate, hydrated
zirconium tetrachloride
zirconyl nitrate, pentahydrate

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