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About this Index: This index lists the names of all compounds found in the "ATR-IR - Organometallics 2- Bio‑Rad Sadtler" spectral database. Bio-Rad is the world leader in spectral databases. They offer over 2.3 million high-quality IR, Raman, NIR, NMR, MS and UV-Vis spectra. Please visit our website for a complete listing.

Spectrum Name

1,1'-Ferrocenedicarboxlic acid
1,1′-Biscarboxylferrocene; 1,1′-Dicarboxyferrocene
2,3,7,8,12,13,17,18-Octaethyl-21H,23H-porphine vanadium(IV)oxide
2,7-dihydroxy-1,3,2-benzodioxabismole-5-carboxylic acid
2-Hydroxyacetate; zirconium
4,7-Diphenyl-1,10-phenanthroline disulfonic acid, disodium sal,t trihydrate; Bathophenanthrolinedisulfonic acid, disodium salt, trihydrate; Disodium bathophenanthrolinedisulfonate trihydrate
5,5'-((3-Carboxy-4-oxocyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-ylidene)methylene)bis(2-hydroxybenzoic acid)
Acetic acid, zirconium salt
Acetyl ferrocene
Aerotex; Bismuth, triphenyl-; Bismuthine, triphenyl-; Triphenylbismuthine; Triphenylbismuth
Aluminum acetate
Aluminum ethoxide
Aluminum tert-butoxide
Ammonium aurintricarboxylate
Ammonium citrate
Ammonium tartrate
Amonium benzoate
Aurintricarboxylic acid
Aurintricarboxylic acid, ammonium salt
Barium acetate
Barium acetylacetonate
Bathophenanthrolinedisulfonic acid, disodium salt, hydrate
Benzylferrocenyl ketone
Biferrocenyl (Fe-Fe)
Bis(alpha-hydroxybenzeneacetic acid)calcium salt
Bismuth beta-naphthol
Bismuth citrate
Bismuth sodium tartrate
Bismuth subgallate
Bismuth subsalicylate
Boron acetate
Boron triacetate
Cadmium acetate, dihydrate
Cadmium acetylacetonate
Calcium acetate
Calcium lactate
Calcium mandelate
Chloromercan ferrocene
Chromium acetate
Chromium formate
Cobalt acetate
Cobalt formate
Cobaltocenium hexafluorophosphate
Copper acetate
Copper(II) 2-pyrazinecarboxylate
Copper(II) benzoylacetonate
Cupric acetate, hydrate
Dicyclopentadienyl titanium (IV) dichloride
Dimethyl zinc oxide
Diphenyl zinc oxide
Disodium tetrine (glyco)
Ferric citrate
Ferric glycerophosphate
Ferric oxalate
Ferroceneacetic acid
Ferrous oxalate
Hydroxylamine hydrochloride
Lanthanum acetate
Lead acetate, trihydrate
Lead stearate
Lead subacetate
Lithium acetylide
Lithium citrate
Lithium formate, monohydrate
Magnesium acetate
Magnesium trifluoromethanesulfonate
Manganese acetate, tetrahydrate
Manganese glycerophosphate
Mercuric acetate
Nickel acetate, tetrahydrate
Nickel lactate
Nickelous tartrate
Octadecanoic acid sodium salt
Palladium acetylacetonate
Palladium dimethyl glyoximate
Potassium acid phthalate
Potassium bitartrate
Potassium citrate, hydrate
Potassium ethyl sulfate
Potassium ethyl xanthate
Potassium sodium tartrate, tetrahydrate
Potassium sorbate
Potassium tartrate, hemihydrate
Silver acetate
Silver lactate
Sodium arsanilate
Sodium bitartrate, hydrate
Sodium bitartrate, monohydrate
Sodium citrate anhydrous
Sodium dihydroxy tartrate
Sodium formaldehyde sulfoxylate
Sodium formate
Sodium hydroxymethanesulfinate
Sodium methyl carbonate
Sodium salicylate
Sodium tartrate, dihydrate
Sodium tetramethoxy borate
Stearic acid, sodium salt
TBTC, Tributylchlorotin
Tetra-N-butyl ammonium iodide
Tetrabenzene germane
Tetrabutylammonium iodide
Tetraethylammonium fluoride, hydrate
Thallium acetate
Thallium formate
Thorium 2,4-pentadione
Thorium acetylacetonate
Tibutyltin oleate
Tri(phenyl)bismuthane; Trifenylbismutin; Triphenylbismuth;
Tribenzyltin hydroxide
Tributyltin 2,4-dichlorophenolate
Tributyltin 2-phenylphenolate
Tributyltin acetate
Tributyltin chloride
Tributyltin laurate
Tributyltin p-chlorocresylate
Tributyltin propionate
Tricarbonyl(2-methoxycyclohexadienylium)iron hexafluorophosphate
Tricetylpyridinium 12-tungstophosphate
Trimesityl bromogermane
Trimesityl germane
Triphenyl bismuth
Triphenyl germane
Zinc acetate, dihydrate
Zinc citrate
Zinc formate
Zinc stearate
Zinc tartrate
Zirconium acetate
Zirconium glycolate
acetic acid, copper salt, monohydrate; copper(II) acetate, monohydrate
aluminum triethoxide
beta-Ferrocenylstyrene (trans)
calcium 2-hydroxypropanoate
chromous acetate
disodium ETDA
formic acid, sodium salt
formic acid, thallium salt
formic acid, zinc salt
lead acetate basic
sodium dihydrogen 2-hydroxypropane-1,2,3-tricarboxylate

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