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About this Index: This index lists the names of all compounds found in the "IR - Polymers, Hummel Industrial Polymers - Wiley" spectral database. Bio-Rad is the world leader in spectral databases. They offer over 2.3 million high-quality IR, Raman, NIR, NMR, MS and UV-Vis spectra. Please visit our website for a complete listing.

Spectrum Name

"Guttapercha" white, stick form
17.0% phthalic anhydride, 2.7% adipic acid, 0.5% maleic anhydride
2,5-dimethyl-2,5-di-tert-butylperoxyhexane on carrier
2-basic lead phosphite
22.1% phthalic anhydride, 1.3% maleic anhydride
3,3´-dimethylbisphenol A polycarbonate
3-basic lead sulfate
33% o-, 2% m- and 65% p-isomers
4-basic lead sulfate
46.4% fumaric acid, 22.0% terephthalic acid
50% aqueous dispersion based on poly(butylacrylate)
50% aqueous, nonionogenic, coarse, protective-colloid-containing dispersion based on poly(vinyl propionate)
50% dispersion of poly(vinylacetate)
55% dispersion of poly(vinylacetate) with polyvinyl alcohol as protective colloid
95% cellulose I
APEC KL 1-9300
APEC KL 1-9306
APEC KL 1-9308
APEC KL 1-9310
APP, low viscosity, experimental product
Aco linseed oil varnish 541
Aco linseed stand oil 30 P
Aco linseed-tung stand oil 9/1
Aco stand oil 7030
Aco tung stand oil 1000/90 P
Aco-Alkyd F63
Aco-Alkyd F82 Iso
Aco-Alkyd MF 40
Aco-Alkyd MF 46
Aco-Alkyd MF 52
Acoresen 122
Acriplex 46
Acronal 170 D
Acronal 1D
Acronal 2500
Acronal 35 D
Acronal 4 F
Acronal 4D
Acronal 500 D
Acronal 500 L
Acronal 700 L
Acronal 80 D
Acronal S8869
Acrylat high solid WNF 2352 (research product)
Acrylatcopolymerdispersion D I
Acrylatharz LR 8195 (experimental product)
Acryloid K-125
Adiprene B
Adiprene L-213
Adiprene LW-520
Akulon K 124 naturel
Akulon K 222-D naturel
Akulon M 238 D naturel
Al (poly)silicate
Al hydroxide
Al metahydroxide
Al metahydroxide + H2O
Al oxide
Al silicate dihydrate
Al-K hydroxypolysilicate-fluoride
Alberdingk V3-AC 545
Albertol KP 111
Alftalat AC 37l
Alftalat AC 421
Alftalat AC 423
Alftalat AC 53l
Alftalat AU 550 (Alu-Alftalat AT 550)
Alftalat VAM 1381
Alftalat VAM 1441
Alftalat VAN 1730
Alftalat VTS 12
AlkydaI 551
Alkydal 67 tix
Alkydal F 26
Alkydal F 48
Alkydal F 69
Alkydal F22 tix
Alkydal F24W
Alkydal F30W
Alkydal F32
Alkydal F650
Alkydal F67
Alkydal M 301
Alkydal M 48
Alkydal R 35W
Alkydal R 40
Alkydal RU 50 A
Alkydal S 6200
Alkydal S 6500
Alkydal U 601
Alkydal U 601 hv
Alkydal U 601 nv
Alkydal V 10
Alkydal V 30
Alkynol 1480 hs
Alkyphen P
Alloprene grade 10
Allotherm 610-16
Almatex PD
Alnovol PH 809 FGMA
Alnovol PN 320
Alnovol PN 430
Alnovol PN 430 GGMA
Alnovol PN 844 neu
Alresat KM 140
Alresen PT 191
Alsynol AC82
Alsynol KZ 70
Alsynol KZ 71
Alsynol PN53
Alsynol PN65
Alsynol PN66
Alsynol PN67
Alsynol RL 24
Alsynol RL 25 N
Alsynol RL 30
Alsynol RL 40
Alsynol RL 41
Alsynol RL 42
Alsynol RL 43
Alsynol RS 44
Alsynol RS 47
Alsynol RZ 33
Alsynol RZ 38
Alsynol TP 354 EB
Aluminiumhydrat RH 730
Aluminiumoxid 90
Amberlite IR-120
Anatas, Titandioxid AT1
Ancamine CT
Antilux 500 paraffin wax
Araldit CY
Araldit F
Araldit LY 556
Araldit NU 471
Aramide fiber
Arnite A 04-900 naturel
Arnite AV4-340 naturel
Arnite TO 6-200 naturel
Arnite TV 4-260 S naturel
Arnitel EM 400 naturel
Assil K
Astrel 360
Avabond 7140
Avcothane 51-253
Ba sulfate
Backlack 301-15/R 14
Baerostab V 220 MC
Bakelite-Harz 100
Bakelite-Harz 4550 LB
Bakelite-Harz 6805 LB
Bakelite-Harz LA 746
Bakelite-Harz LA 747
Bakelite-Harz LB 736
Bakelite-Harz LE 700
Bakelite-Harz LE 701
Bakelite-Harz LG 715
Balsam of Peru
Barex 210
Bayblend T 45 MN
Baycoll 81
Baydur 6510F
Baydur 709
Baydur PU 0709 A
Bayer CM 2551
Bayer CM 3630
Bayer CM 4230
Bayer-SBR Latex 602
Baypren 110
Baypren 112
Baypren 210
Baypren 331
Baypren Latex MKB
Baypren-Latex 4 R
Baypren-Latex B
Baypren-Latex SK
Baysilon-Harz M 120
Baysilon-Harz P500
Baysilon-Harz UD 160
Baysilone Oel 4044
Baysilone-Lackadditiv MA
Baysilone-Lackadditiv MEF
Baysilone-Lackadditiv ML
Baysilone-Lackadditiv OL 17
Baysilone-Lackadditiv OL 44
Baysilone-Lackadditiv PL
Baysilone-OF OH
Baysilonoel M200
Baysilonoel M2000
Baystal 603C
Beckopox EP 116
Beckopox EP 151
Beckopox EP 304
Beckopox-Spezialhaerter EH 650
Beckurol VHP 4400
Beschleuniger DY 061
Beschleuniger DY 062
Braunfaktis DK 10
Breon Nitrile Rubber
Brombutyl 2244
Brombutyl X2
Buna AP 147
Buna AP 201
Buna AP 241
Buna AP 251
Buna AP 258
Buna AP 447
Buna CB 10
Buna CB 35 nf
Buna CB11
Buna Huels 1502
Bunatex K71B
Bunatex VP
Butyl HT-1066
CAPA 220
CAPA 655
CPE 25
CPE 48
Ca carbonate
Ca carbonate with Ti dioxide
Ca hydroxide
Ca sulfate dihydrate (precipitate)
Ca sulfate, dihydrate
Ca sulfate, semihydrate
Canada balsam
Candelilla wax
Capa 200
Capa 220
Capa 305
Cariflex BR 1220
Cariflex DJ 9000
Cariflex IR 307
Cariflex S-1500
Cariflex S-1509
Cariflex S-1513
Cariflex S-5700
Cariflex S1006
Cariflex S1011
Cariflex S1013
Cariflex TR 1107
Cariflex TR-4122
Cariflex TR4113
Cariflex TR4205
CariflexTR 1101
Cariflux A 38
Carnauba wax
Carnauba wax, "light fat-grey"
Carnauba wax, "prime-yellow"
Catenex Oel N945, naphthenic mineral oil
CeIlophan 330-M-10
Cellidor B 932-05 (formerly Cellidor VP KL 13030)
Cellidor CP 3800-10
Cellit BL 700
Cellit BL 900
Cellit BP 900
Cellit PR 500
Cellit PR 900
Cellophan 325-P-10
Cellophan 335-MF-10
Chemigum N 756
Chemigum NX 775
Chimassorb 944
Chlorobutyl 1066
Chlorobutyl 1068
Clophen T 241
Clophenharz W
Clorowax 705
Coal tar
Coal tar pitch
Coll-tex nova
Collacral P
Collacral VL
Collapur lyophilized, collagen
Collapur, collagen
Collodiumwolle E 730
Concise mixture, cured
Crelan A 101
Crelan U 502
Crylcoat M 314
Cumaron-Inden-Harz B4/65
Cuvertin 001
Cuvertin UK 1430
Cuvertin UL 0251
Cuvertin UL 0251 B
Cuvertin UL 0252
Cuvertin UL 0253 N
Cuvertin UL 0255 NC
Cuvertin UL 154 N
Cuvertin UL 1730
Cyanacryl C
Cyanacryl L
Cyanacryl R
Cyanaprene A-8
Cyanaprene D7
Cyasorb UV 3346
Cymac 201
Cymel 301
Cytor 7040
DABCO 8161
DER 331
Dealen D 5
Dealen RD 25 R
Decklack DB-737
Delton, Katalysator
Desmalkyd L 163
Desmalkyd L 181
Desmalkyd RS 165
Desmalkyd S 155
Desmocoll 400 T
Desmolac 2100
Desmolac 4200
Desmopan 0136
Desmopan 150
Desmopan 150 S
Desmopan 192
Desmopan 359
Desmopan 385
Desmopan 392
Desmopan 455
Desmopan 585
Desmopan 786
Desmopan 790
Desmopan 794
Desmopan KA 8333
Desmopan KA 8369
Desmopan KA 8372
Desmopan KA 8396
Desmopan KA 8407
Desmophen 1150
Desmophen 2000
Desmophen 2001
Desmophen 2001 K
Desmophen 2020
Desmophen 2020E
Desmophen 2028 I
Desmophen 2042
Desmophen 250 U
Desmophen 3600
Desmophen 4011 T
Desmophen 4070X
Desmophen 690
Desmophen A 160
Desmophen A360
Desmophen VP KL 5-2330
Desmophen VP KL 5-2332
Desmorapid PP
Desmorapid PU 1737
Desompan 588
Dexon plus
Diallylphthalate Prepolymer
Dilexo SM 1
Diofan 233 D
Diofan 300
Dobeckan 1320
Dobeckan FN 1014
Dobeckot 505
Dow CPEMX-5235002
Dow Corning 1248 fluid
Dow Corning 193
Dow Corning 193 Surfacant
Dow Corning 200 FLUID
Dow Corning 280 A ADH catalysat
Dow Corning 3-5000 Construction Coating
Dow Corning 704 Fluid
Dow Corning 710 fluid
Dow Corning 730 RTV Fluorosilicone Sealant
Dow Corning FF 400
Dow Corning Q2-5097 Fluid
Dow Corning Silicone 790 building sealant
Dow Corning Z 6018
Dresinate 214
Dresinate 731
Dresinate XX
Du Pont NR-150 A polyimide binder
Du Pont NR-150 B polyimide binder
Duranit 15 S
Durethan BC 40
Duroftal VTS 12
Durophen PP 218
Dutral CO 034
Dutral CO 059
Dutral CO/038FF
Dutral TER 046/E3
Dutral TER 535/E
Dutral TER/038FF
Dyflor 2000 ES
Dyflor 2000 WES/P
Dymerex Resin
Dynafom EPDM-TP
Dynalit G 30
Dynapol L 411
Dynapol L850
Dynapol LH 812
Dynapol P 1500
Dynapol S 1218
Dynapol S 1226
Dynapol S 1228
Dynapol S 1272
Dynapol S 1312
Dynapol S 1401
Dynapol S 1420
Dynapol S 1430
Dynapol S 1440
Dynapol S 1450
Dynapol S 242
Dynapol S 360
Dynapol S 50
Dynasil 40
Dynasil A
Dynasil EFP
Dynasil H 450
Dynasil P
Dynasylan AMEO
Dynasylan AMMO
Dynasylan CPTEO
Dynasylan CPTMO
Dynasylan DAMO
Dynasylan GLYMO
Dynasylan IBTMO
Dynasylan IMEO
Dynasylan MEMO
Dynasylan METEO
Dynasylan MTMO
Dynasylan PTMO
Dynasylan TRIAMO
Dynasylan VTEO
Dynasylan VTMO
Dynasylan VTMOEO
Dynota l03 XB
Dynotal 010-W
Dynotal 03 N
Dynotal 05-X
EPU System R 4501
Eastman Celluloseacetatebutyrate CAB-551-0.01
Elaprim AR-153
Elaprim S-2160
Elastollan C 59 D
Elastollan C 74 D
Elastollan C 78 A
Elastollan C 95 A
Elmo D 52
Elmo N 160
Elmotherm F55
Elmotherm H 7l
Elvacite 2008
Elvacite 2013
Elvamide 8061
Epikote 1001
Epikote 215
Epikote 236
Epikote 828
Epikote 862
Epikure DX 181
Epikure F 205
Eplex 16
Epoxy Resin LT 8049
Ercusol AS 250
Erkazit Hartharz 1272
Erkazit-Magnesiumhartharz V 112
Erkazit-Zinkharz 1329
Erkazit-Zinkharz 165
Escorene LD 100 AA
Escorene LD 100 AG
Escorene LD 150 AA
Escorene LD 150 AG
Escorene LD 151
Escorene LD 151 CF1
Escorene LD 160 AG
Escorene LD 180 EE
Escorene LD 183
Escorene LD 351-CE
Escorene LD 653
Escorene LD-351
Escorene Ultra 328
Escorez 1102 U
Escorez 1171
Escorez 1304
Escorez 2101
Escorez 3102
Escorez 5300
Escorez 5320
Escorez 8190
Esso Butyl 065
Esso Butyl 165
Esso Butyl 268
Esso Butyl 365
Estane 5702
Estane 5707 F 1
Estane 5710 F 1
Estane 5711
Estane 5714 F1
Estane 5740
Estane T 1013
Estane T1139
Euredur 21
Euredur 250
Euredur 350
Euredur 51
Euredur 56
Eurelon 1155
Eurelon 2095
Eurelon 2300
Eurelon 956
Eurelon 965
Eurepox 710
Euresyst 860 A2
Europrene 1502
Europrene N 1945
Faktis Asolvan, factice
Faktis T hart, factice
Fixogum 75 Rubber Cement
Fluorel 2177
Fluoropolymer Lubricant Powder TL 102
Foral AX
Formit RRL829
Fulton 404
Fulton 441 Nat
Fulton KL 4030
Gantrez AN 119 55
Gebagan-resin LJC 703
Gebaganharz ML 60
Gelbfaktis Badenia C
Gelkyd 309WL
Gelkyd 320 W
Gelkyd 370 W
Gelkyd 3l0 W
Gelkyd 9135 W
Genamid 250
Genamid XE 460
Grilamid ELY 60
Grilamid L 20 G
Grilon CR
Grilon TR 27
Griltex 1P1
Griltex 2P1
Griltex 4P1
Griltex 6 P 1
Griltex 6 P1
Griltex 8 P1
Griltex D 1205
Griltex D 1251
Griltex D 1284
Griltex D 590
HG 75 component A (binder)
HG 75, component B
Haerter HT 907
Haerter HY 830
Haerter HY 906
Haerter X 157/2438
Haerter X 157/2440
Harz LMB 2059
Herclor C
Hercules WSP D-345
High-Solid-Resin QR 542
Hitron HMG-50
Hitzestabilisator H2
Hoechst Wachs E
Hoechst-Wachs OP PLV
Hoechst-wax C
Hoechst-wax E
Hoechst-wax F
Hoechst-wax FL
Hoechst-wax GL 3
Hoechst-wax KFO
Hoechst-wax KP
Hoechst-wax KPE
Hoechst-wax KSE
Hoechst-wax NE
Hoechst-wax OP
Hostaflex M 133
Hostaflex VP 150
Hostaflon TF VP 1702
Hostaflon TFM 1700
Hostaform C 9021
Hostaform CVP 9021 GV natur
Hostalen GB 6450
Hostalen GD 6250
Hostalen GF 4750
Hostalen GF 7740
Hostalen LDH 1018
Hostalen LR 528
Hostalen PPH 1022
Hostalen PPH 1050
Hostalen PPK VP 8027
Hostalen PPN 1060
Hostalen PPN VP 7180 TV 20
Hostalen PPN VP 8008
Hostalen PPN VP 8018
Hostalen PPR 1042
Hostalen PPT 1070
Hostalen PPV 1080
Hostyren XSV P6600
Hycar 1000 X 88
Hycar 1014
Hycar 1034-60
Hycar 1072
Hycar 1203 F 60
Hycar 1203 G 60
Hycar 1204 X 22
Hycar 13 X 16 ATBN
Hycar 1300 X 16 ATBN
Hycar 1300X 15 CTBN
Hycar 1312
Hycar 1312X5
Hycar 1401 H 123
Hycar 1402 H 120
Hycar 1411
Hycar 1422
Hycar 2252
Hycar 4021
Hycar VTBN 1300X22
Hydrazin 15
Hydrin 100
Hydrin 200
Hydrin 400
Hypalon 40
Hystl B 3000
Hytrel 5555
Hytrel 6355
Icdal PF665
Illinol 104
Ingralen 450, aromatic mineral oil
Interox BP-50-P1
Interox DHBP
Irgafos 168
Isolierfolie GY 229
Isonol RM J 100
Isonol RM J 102
Isonol RM J 103
Isonol RM J 106
Jaegalyd 850
Jaegalyd ED 4
Jaegalyd FS 25
Jaegalyd FS 33
Jaegalyd FS 480
Jaegalyd GR65
Jaegalyd LAS 1770
Jaegalyd MA 164
Jaegalyd S85 Iso
Jaegalyd T 35
Jaegalyd T 63
Jaegalyd T63M
Jaegalyd TH 361
Jaegalyd TH 381
Jaegalyd TMV
Jaegalyd Thix 1744
Jaegalyd Thix 27
Jaegalyd VR 27
Jaegalyd WE 1925/25
Jaegaplast 73
Jaegaplast LAS 1898
Jagolien 8
Jagotex EM 40
Jagotex F 209
Jagotex NV 201
Jaguar CMHP
Jaguar CP-13
Jaguar HP-8
Japanese lacquer (Japan black, pre-1850)
Japanese lacquer (hardened for ca. 9 m)
Japanese lacquer from Rhus vernicifera (Japan)
Japanese lacquer from Rhus vernicifera (Taiwan)
Japanese lacquer from Rhus vernicifera (Vietnam)
K Al sulfate
K chlorate
K dihydrogen phosphate
Karboresin KW 600
Kauramin 540
Kauri-copal, recent
Kaurit-Leim 131
Kerimid 601
Keripol K Spezial
Keripol K spezial
Ketac-Fil Aplicap, Powder
Kieselkreide Silitin N
Klarlack DB 37751
Kodar PETG Copolymer
Koe-Kleber AK 539
Koe-Kleber DE 874 CMPT B
Koe-Kleber DE 874, components A+B 2:1
Koe-Kleber FA 68
Koe-Kleber FR 29
Koe-Kleber FU 32
Koe-Kleber KS 118
Koe-Kleber M 211+ Koe-VerstaerkerTP 75 (3:1)
Koe-Kleber M 211, component A
Koe-Kleber UC 40
Koedipur PU 53 component A and B 5/1
Koedipur PU 53, component A
Koedisil grau
Koerapox 439 A+B cured
Koerapox 439 CMPT B
Koerapox 439, component A
Koeratex 243
Kohlenwasserstoffharz VKW 90 (100%)
Kraton 1101
Kraton G 108/3
Kraton G 144
Kraton G 1657
Kraton G 2703
Kraton G 2705
Kraton G 2730
Kraton GX 1650
Kraton GX 1657
Krylene 1500
Krylene 1516
Krynac 1122
Krynac 27.50
Krynac 34.50
Krynac 34.50, saturated
Krynac 34.60 SP
Krynac 38.50
Krynac 38.50, saturated
Krynac 806
Krynac 843
Krynac 850
Krynac 870
Krynol 1712
Krynol 1778
Kunstharz AW2
Kunstharz XFN
Lamellon 9205
Laminat IX33-Cy160+SL+92626
Laminat V34-L32+MNA+DMP30+92626
Laminat VII 31-0164+ HX + DMP30
Lancast A
Lanco-wax A 1601
Lanco-wax HM 1666
Lanco-wax PE 1544
Lanco-wax PP 1362 D
Lankromark LZ 924
Larodur 145 BX
Larodur 150
Laroflex MP 45
Laromin A 321
Laromin C 252
Laromin C 260
Laromin LR 8308
Laromin LR 8752
Lekutherm HT 3
Lekutherm LK 1239
Levapren 336
Levapren 452
Levapren 456
Levapren 700
Levapren 800
Levapren VC 45/50
Levepox 4020
Levepox 4023
Levepox 4030
Liodammar EH
Liodamnar N
Liquid Polybutadiene D 1414
Lithene PH-4
Lithene PM 4-maleic anhydride adduct, half esterfied with methanol
Lithene PM MSA 20
Lumitol ALR 8457
Lunatack 105 V 3
Luperco 101 XL
Luperco 101 XLG
Lupolen 1800 H
Lupolen 1810 H
Lupolen 3020 D
Lupolen 6021 D
Lupranol 1000
Lupranol 2042
Lupranol 3530
Lupraphen 8101
Lupraphen 8150
Luprenal 270 BX
Luprimol SE
Luran KR 2556 U
Lutofan 100 D
Lutofan 1150 D
Lutofan 300 D
Lutonal A25
Lutonal I 30
Lutonal M 40
Luvican M 170
Luwipal 010
Luwipal LR 8552 (research product)
MHP 4621
Macrynal SM 500
Macrynal SM 510
Macrynal SM 510 N
Madurit MW 350
Makrolon 2800
Makrolon 281
Makrolon GV 181
Makrolon LP 141
Makrolon SDP 16
Makrolon Versuchsprodukt KL 1-1140
Makrolon Versuchsprodukt KL 1-1141
Melopas MPL 181
Merginamid L 425
Metalliclack DB-735
Meypro-Guar CS A200/50
Meypro-Gum R 600
Meyprofilm 100
Meyprogat 90
Mg hydroxide
Mg hydroxidecarbonate
Mg hydroxysilicate
Mg oxide
Modacryl fiber
Montaclere liquid
Moplene yarn
Mowilith 50
Mowilith 70
Mowilith CT 5
Mowilith D
Mowilith DM 1
Mowilith DM 131
Mowilith DM 2
Mowilith DM 60
Mowilith DM 611
Mowilith DM 680
Mowilith DM 684
Mowilith DM 760
Mowilith OM 105
Mowilith VP 774
Mowiol 4-88
Mowiol 66-100
Mowital B 60 HH
Mowital B20H
Mowital B70 H
N-vinylpyrrolidone copolymer
Na carboxymethyldextran, degree of substitution 0.2
Na carboxymethyldextran, degree of substitution 2.2
Na chlorate
Na cyanate
Na cyanide (with Na2CO3, 1450/cm and 866/cm)
Na dihydrogen phosphate dihydrate
Na hydrogen carbonate
Na lignin from rice straw
Na lignin of corn stalks
Na lignin sulfate
Na lignin sulfonate
Na lignin sulfonate 80%
Na nitrite
Na thiocyanate
Naftolen HV, aromatic mineral oil
Naftolen NV, aromatic mineral oil
Naftolen ZD, naphthenic mineral oil
Naftolen ZM, naphthenic-aromatic mineral oil
Naftovin T 82
Naftovin T 90
Naftovin T3
Naftovin TV
Napvis DE 04
Natrosol 250 H
Natsyn 220
Natsyn 2200
Necolin L-2000
Necomal S 0000
Necomar F 2080
Necotix L 0040
Necowel L 2000
Necowel L 2075
Necowel LE 0000
Neo Cryl B725
Neonit EG 62
Neoprene GW
Neoprene WD
Neoprene WHV
Neoprene WRT
Neutralwollfett H, neutral wool fat
New Zealand caseine
Nimetic Base Paste, filler
Nimetic mixture, cured
Norsolene SP 100
Norsolene SP 65
Norsolene SP 70
Norsorex N
Norsorex, Dry-Blend
Noryl 731
Nourythane A-7 QM
Nourythane D-5 QM
Novo X 325-9
Novodur P2H-AT
Novodur P2K 7230
Novodur P2M
Novodur P2T
Novodur P2T/374
Novodur P2X
Novodur PM/0323
Novodur PMT
Novodur PX/7920
Novogen P 40
Novolen 1149 T natur
Nuva initiator
Nuva-Seal (base+initiator), cured
Nuva-Seal base+initiator, cured
Nyref 1002
Nyref 1501
OH group-containing, crosslinkable, oil-free, saturated polyester based on terephthalic acid
OH-containing polyester based on phthalic acid; 80% in ethyleneglycol/Solvesso 100, 1:1
OH-terminated terephthalic polyester
Oppanol B 1
Oppanol B 100
Oppanol B 3
Oppanol B 50
Oroglas DR
Oroglas V 500
Oroglas V 920
Oroglas VM
Ovalit K
P 70 B
P 84
PBI fiber
PDL 2-400, polymethylstyrene, polyvinyltoluene
PI 50 B
PVC (53%), grafted onto Levapren 450 (47%); Levapren 450: poly(ethylene-co-vinylacetate) with 45% VAc units
Paraffin 10806
Paraffin 10808
Paraloid B 72
Paraloid DM 54
Parylene C
Parylene D
Parylene N
Pattex Kontaktkleber
Pattex Kraftkleber
Pattex Spezial
Pebefos FP
Pellethane 2102-75 A
Pellethane 2103-85 AE
Pellethane CPR 2102-80 AF
Pellethane CPR 2102-90 AE
Pellethane CPR 2103-90 A
Pellethane RMP 102-50 D
Pellethane RMP 103-55 D
Pellethane RMP 105-65 D
Pellethane RMP 203-65 D
Pentalyn H
Perbunan N 1807 NS
Perbunan N 2807
Perbunan N 2818
Perbunan N 3415
Perbunan N 3807
Perbunan N 3807 NS
Perbunan N 3810
Perbunan-N-Latex 3310 HD
Perbunan-N-Latex 3405
Perbunan-N-Latex 3415 M
Perbunan-N-Latex 3810
Perbunan-N-Latex T
Pergut S 10
Pergut S 40/111
Perkadox BC 40 B-PD
Perkasil KS 207
Phenodur PR 263
Phoboton WS
Piccolastic D 75
Pioloform A
Plastigen G
Plastokyd 502W
Plastopal ATB
Plastopal BTB
Plastopal EBS 600 B
Platamid H 005
Platamid M 1740 PA 80
Platherm M 1900 PA 80
Plexalkyd M 169
Plexalkyd P148
Plexalkyd P358
Plexidur 907
Plexidur T
Plexiglas 8N
Plexiglas GS 233
Plexiglas XT 20070 FF
Plexigum M 527
Plexigum MB 319
Plexigum P26
Plexigum P675
Plexisol DV 577
Plextol B500
Plextol BV 595
Plextol BV 595 hart
Plextol D 498
Pliolite S 6H
Pliolite S-6-H
Pliolite VTAC
Pollopas Typ 131.5/8934
Poly-Pale Resin
Polyamide-6, IT
Polycarbonat E
Polydur 802
Polyglykol 20000 S
Polyimid P 84
Polyimide XU 218
Polyoel Huels 110
Polyoel Huels 130
Polyox Coagulant
Polyox WSR 301
Polypropylenglykol 1020
Polysar Butyl 400
Polysar EPDM 227 X
Polysar EPDM 585
Polysar EPDM 5875
Polysar EPDM 965
Polysar S1006
Polystyrol 165 H
Polysulfon VP KL 3-1007
Polytetrahydrofuran 1000
Polytetrahydrofuran 2000
Polytetrahydrofuran 650
Praestol 2935/73
Praestol 6000/73
Praestol BC 33 L liquid
Pritt Alleskleber
Pritt Allesklebercreme
Propiofan 200 D
Propiofan 325 D
Propiofan 660 D
Propiofan 661 D
Propiofan 6D
Propiofan 70 D
Propiofan 800 D
Pullulan P2000
Pullulan P800
Qiana Nylon
Quintol B 1000
Renoflex 63
Resamin HF 450
Resin H 795
Resistherm 133 L
Resistherm IA 50
Resistherm PH 10
Resloom E 50
Resoltex H 5
Restodent A, liquid
Restodent powder, Part B
Resydro VWE 37L
Resydro lWP 450 E
Resydrol P 10410
Resydrol VWA 11
Resydrol VWA 29
Resydrol VWA 5105
Resydrol VWA 5400
Resydrol VWA 85/75 H2O
Resydrol VWE 33
Resydrol WA 248 L
Rhenalyd M 380
Rhenalyd M 380 N
Rheoplast 39
Rilsan HV nature
Rilsan M 548
Rilsan Td 29
Rohagit S
Rokramar 100
Rokrapal ,,Wetter"
Rokraplast SF 502
Rokrasin OeSP
Roskydal 502
Roskydal 505
Roskydal 550
Roskydal A 900 EBC
Roskydal E 65
Roskydal K 14 M
Roskydal K 36
Roskydal K 65
Roskydal UV 11
Roskydal W 15
Roskydal W 28 tix
Roylar E-84
Roylar E-85-S
Ruetapox 0158
Ruetapox 0164
Rynite 530 BK 530
Rynite 545
Ryton V-1
Santolite MHP
Saran F 120
Sartomer 13-K
Schwefelfaktis, white
Scopon 1130 X 57
Setalux C 1151
Shell Isoprene 300 XB
Si dioxide
Si dioxide, amorphous
Siam benzoin
Siam benzoin (almonds)
Silan AP 133
Silastic 6P 590 Pt. B
Silglaze N
Silicon WS 60 C
Silikonharz P 750
Silikonharz P25
Silikonoel WS 63 M
Silopren E 3078
Silopren E 3078 weiss 25
Silopren E 3078 weiss 35
Silopren E 3096
Silopren E 3096 weiss 25
Silopren E VPI 4036
Silopren HV1
Silopren LSR
Silopren VS
Silopren-Paste E 3035
Sirban 24H
Sirban 34M
Sirel 1500C
Sirel 1502
Sirel 1707
Sirel BRE 10707
Sirel BRE 10711
Sirel HS65
Sirel SBR 10778
Sirpol BR-E 04
Sirpol SBX 07
Sixef-33 polyimide
Sixef-44 polyimide
Sniamid ASN 27/S, Nylon-6
Solprene 1205
Soybean oil SEH 7
Spritzgrund FC 80-7084
Stabilit Dur
Stabilit Express A
Stamylan LD 1722 P
Stamylan LD 1765 P
Staybelite Resin
Styrasol L 240
Styrofan 2 D
Styron 700
Sumatra benzoin (almonds)
Supradurit 670-37/1
Supradurit 67037/1
Suprapal AP
Suprapal LG
Supraplast Harz 108
Supraplast Typ 802
Supraplast-Harz 02
Supraplast-Harz 03
Supraplast-Harz 04
Supraplast-Harz 05
Supraplast-Harz 118
Supraplast-Harz 122
Supraplast-Harz 13 Loesung
Supraplast-Harz 154
Supraplast-Harz 154 A
Supraplast-Harz 5
Supraplast-Harz 680
Supraplast-Harz 750
Supraplast-Harz 9228
Supraplast-Harz E 3452
Supraplast-Harz III-hart
Supraplast-Harz K 130
Supraplast-Harz K 555
Supraplast-Harz fluessig 5
Supraplast-Pressmasse Typ 150
Supraplast-Pressmasse Typ 31, gehaertet
Supraplast-Pressmasse Typ 802
Supraplast-Pressmasse Type 31
Sutupak Catgut
Sylgard 170 B
Sylgard 170A
Sylgard 182 curing agent
Synacryl 826 S
Synacryl 834 S
Synacryl 835 S
Synacryl 836 S
Synacryl 837S
Synacryl 861 X55
Synacryl 861 XA 55
Synacryl 866
Synacryl 867 S
Synacryl 868 C
Synacryl 869 S
Synacryl 875W
Synocure 861 X
Synolac 6184 X
Synolac 94W
Synolac75 W
Synolide 960
Synolide 966
Synresat TP 515 DA
Synresin A 1900
Synresin ME 2700
Synresyl CO 26
Synresyl CO 27
Synresyl CO 30
Synresyl TP 141 DF
Synthacryl SC 303
Synthacryl VSC 37
Synthalat-Acryl 150
Talkum CM
Talkum grau R1
Technisches Harz T 5/35
Technisches Harz T3V
Technisches Harz T4 SS X
Tecnoflon FOR 70
TempRite CPVC
Tenac 7010
Tenac LT 200
Tenac LT 805
Tenite Acetate
Tenite Butyrate
Tenite Propionate
Terbec 533 M-48/2
Terbec 550-27
Terebec 533 HS 50
Terebec 533 M-48/2
Terluran ABS 2802 KR farblos
Therban 1707
Therban 1707 S
Therban 1907
Therban 1907 S
Thermocoll V 178
Thermocomp KL-4540
Thiokol LP-12
Thiokol LP-2
Thiokol LP-3
Thiokol LP-32
Thiokol LP-33
Thiokol LP-62
Thiokol ST
Ti dioxide
Tinuvin 622 LD
Titanweiss super E
Tixolin 650 L
Torlon 4301
Trevira CS
Trevira CS, Polymerrohstoff
Trionharz VTR 60/4
Trogamid T
Trolitan 31/1449
Trolitan Typ So. 49/1231 A
TrolitanTyp 12/1349
Trosiplast 2000
Trosiplast 2040
Trosiplast 2060
Trosiplast 7804
Trosiplast 8008
Trosiplast 8517
TuftaneTF 410
Tungophen B nv
Tylose MHB 15000 Y
Tylose MHB 3000 Y
Tylose MHB 30000 Y
Tylose MHB 6000 Y
Tyril 780
UHU-Plus Hardener
UHU-Plus Quick-set binder
UHU-Plus instant-set hardener
UHU-plus binder
UHU-plus instant-set, binder and hardener 2:1
UHU-plus quickset, mixture of binder and hardener
UHU-plus schnellfest, Haerter
UHU-plus, binder and hardener 1:1
Ubatol BW 855
Ubatol KD-7005
Ubatol KD-7006
Ubatol KD-7007
Ubatol KD-7021
Ubatol KD-7500
Ubatol KD-7501
Ubatol KD-7510
Ubatol KD-7520
Ubatol KD-7531
Udel Polysulfon
Ultem 1000
Ultraform N 2320
Ultramid 1 C
Ultramid B3
Ultramid K 237
Ultramid KR 4609
Ultrapas 150/MH 06 A
Ultrapas MZ 1527/261
Ultrapas Typ 156/MA Natur
Ultrapek KR 4175
Ultratex FH
Unithane 640 W
Unithane 651 W
Unithane 654 W
Unithane 655 W
UraIac M 50
Uradur 190-ML-50
Uradur P 125
Uralac 107-RA 8-60
Uralac 1710 R 60
Uralac 220-X-60
Uralac 32-S-60
Uralac 650-ML-60
Uralac 980
Uralac P 1973
Uralac P 2400
Urecoll W
Urepan 600
Urepan 641
VP Terebec ID 25/002/01
Vamac 124
Vamac G
Vamac N-123
Vectra A 950
Vectra B 950
Venice turpentine
Versamid 115
Versamid 140
Versamid 930
Versamid 961
Vestamelt 1228-P1
Vestamelt 450
Vestamelt 550
Vestamelt 755
Vestamelt HT1
Vestamelt HT2
Vestamelt X 4024
Vestamelt X 4053
Vestamelt X 4912
Vestamelt X 7017
Vestamelt X 7021
Vestamid D 14
Vestamid E 40-S3
Vestamid E 62 M-S3
Vestamid L 2128
Vestamid L 237
Vestamid T 250
Vestamid T 350
Vestamid T 430
Vestamid X 4044
Vestan T
Vestan T 16
Vestan X 160; 2.2/40 HW matt
Vestan X 160; 6.7/150, glistening
Vestenamer 8012
Vestodur 4195
Vestolen A 3512
Vestolen AX 1573
Vestolen P 1200
Vestolen P 2200
Vestolen P 5232 T
Vestolen P2300
Vestolit B 7021
Vestolit E 6003
Vestolit E 7006
Vestolit E 7037
Vestolit Em 7003
Vestolit HI S
Vestolit HIE 6077
Vestolit M 5867
Vestolit S 6858
Vestolit S 7041
Vestopal X 3529
Vestoplast 508
Vestoplast 608
Vesturit BL 915
Vesturit BL 916
Vesturit BL1211
VfT Spezialteer 250/500
VfT Spezialteer AN
VfT Spezialteer TR 49/510
Viacryl SC 119 (VC 1319)
Viacryl VC 1333
Viacryl VC 1334
Vialkyd AM 714
Vibrin 135
Vicara zein fiber
Victrex PEEK
Victrex PES
Vilit MB 33
Vilit-Dispersion DK
Vinnapas-Dispersion CEZ 16
Vinnapas-Dispersionspulver RE 526 Z
Vinnol E 10 65 C
Vinnol E 10/65 C
Vinnol E 15/40 A
Vinnol H 15/45
Vinnol H 40/60
Vinnol H 70 DF
Vinnol H 75 DF
Vinnol M 200 E
Vinnol P 68 E
Vinnol Y 61 M
Vinnol Y 68 M
Vinoflex KR 3525
Vinsol Ester Gum
Vistalon 2504
Vistalon 2504 (standard type)
Vistalon 3708 (standard type)
Vistalon 404
Vistalon 4608 (standard type)
Vistalon 5600 (standard type)
Vistalon MDE
Vistanex L-140
Vistanex L-80
Viton A
Viton B
Viton B 50
Viton E-45
Viton VT X-5362
Viton VTX 5927
Voranol CA 4711
Voranol CP 4610
Voranol CP 4755
Voranol XAS 10952.01
Voranol XZ 87205.01
Voranol XZ 87225.01
Vorlack DB-737
Vulkadur A
Vulkadur A Normal
Vulkasil C
Wacker Silicon-Harzloesung VP 2673
Wacker Silicon-Harzloesung VP 2674
Wacker Silicon-Intermediate SY 231
Wacker Silicon-lntermediate SY 308
Wacker Siliconkautschuk-Polymer FD 80
Wacker Siliconoel 1652
Wacker Siliconoel AK 2000
Wacker Siliconoel AK 350
Wacker Siliconoel AS 4
Wacker Siliconoel VP1629
Wacker Siliconoel Z020
Wacker Siliconoel Z045
Wacker-Siliconharz MK
Wacker-m-polymer 455 Z
Walocel CRT 30 GA
Weichharz P65
White Oil, Pharmaceutica 240
Wing-Stay L
Xydar SRT-300
Zetafin 70
Zinkborat ZB 112
Zinkoxid Tensilox HH
Zinkweiss P 10
Zn borate
Zn oxide
Zn oxide with other components
Zn selenide
Zn sulfide, polycrystalline
Zonarez B 135
Zytel 101 F NC-ID
Zytel 408 NC LG01/13
abietic acids from pine resin
acaroid resin
acetate yarn
acrylate-based resin dispersion
acrylate-modified alkyd based on soybean and castor oils
acrylated linseed oil alkyd
acrylic co-polyester
acrylic co-polyester (without plasticizer or protective-colloid)
acrylic ester copolymer with carboxyl groups
acrylic resin (based on methylmethacrylate) crosslinkable with amine resin
acrylic resin based on methyl methacrylate
acrylic resin based on poly(butylacrylate-co-styrene)
acrylic resin based on poly(ethylacrylate-co-styrene)
acrylic resin based on poly(styrene-co-acrylic ester) (2.4% OH)
acrylic resin based on poly(styrene-co-acrylic ester) solution in Shellsol AB/butanol (80:20)
acrylic resin based on styrene-acrylic ester-copolymer
acrylic resin-containing OH groups (with-copolymerized styrene)
addition product of 2 moles of bismaleimide and an aromatic diamine (structural formula is idealized)
adeps lanae DAB 9, wool fat
adipic acid, polyester with OH groups
air- and heat-drying, short-oil phthalic alkyd based on vegetable fatty acids
air-drying, middle-oil; 50% linseed oil, 31% phthalic anhydride
alcohol-soluble polyamide resin based on dimerized fatty acids
alicyclic epoxy resin resin (cyclohexanone derivative) with alicyclic amine (curing agent) and glass fabric (37% resin)
alicyclic, cyclic anhydride
alicyclic-aromatic hydrocarbon resin, reactive
aliphatic amide wax
aliphatic amide-amine
aliphatic amide-amine from dimerized fatty acids
aliphatic amidoamine
aliphatic amine
aliphatic aminoester
aliphatic ester resin with OH groups
aliphatic ester wax
aliphatic ester wax with carboxyl groups
aliphatic ester wax-containing emulsifier
aliphatic ester with OH terminal groups
aliphatic hydrocarbon resin, highly branched; probably contains olefinic structures
aliphatic metal carboxylate + ester
aliphatic poly(ester alcohol)
aliphatic poly(ether-ester) with OH terminal groups
aliphatic polyamide wax
aliphatic polyamine
aliphatic polyester with OH endgroups
aliphatic polyester with OH terminal groups
aliphatic polyurethane with NCO groups
aliphatic unsaturated polyester resin (65% in styrene)
aliphatic unsaturated polyester, 62% in styrene, with amine accelerator
aliphatic wax with acid and ester groups
aliphatic wax with carboxylate, ester and lactone groups
aliphatic wax with ester, ether and carboxyl residues
aliphatic, cyclic anhydride
aliphatic, hydrophobic amide wax with high melting range
aliphatic-aromatic amine
aliphatic-aromatic amine with aromatic ester functions
aliphatic-aromatic compound with phenolic and alcoholic groups
aliphatic-aromatic hydrocarbon resin
aliphatic-aromatic poly(ester urethane) based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate)
aliphatic-aromatic poly(ether urethane) based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate)
aliphatic-aromatic poly(ether urethane) based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate) and poly(oxybutylene)
aliphatic-aromatic polyester urethane
aliphatic-aromatic polyester with OH endgroups
aliphatic-aromatic resin containing resin acids and esters (benzoates, cinnamates), resin alcohols and ethereal oils
aliphatic-aromatic tertiary amine
aliphatic-aromatic, nonreactive, linear polyurethane based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate)
alkali-condensed cresol resol
alkali-condensed phenol-formaldehyde resin (phenol resol)
alkali-free phenol resol (35% solid resin), alcohol-soluble
alkyd based on phthalic acid and synthetic fatty acids
alkyd based on phthalic acid modified with phenolic resin
alkyd based on phthalic and maleic anhydrides, sunflower oil fatty acids and pentaerythritol; with triphenyl phosphite as pigment stabilizer
alkyd based on vegetable drying fatty acids; 48% triglycerides, 26% phthalic anhydride
alkyd with 36% special mixed oil/tung oil, 19% modified resin, 31% phthalic anhydride
alkyd with 38% vegetable oils, 15% modified resin, 32% phthalic anhydride
alkyd with synthetic fatty acids
all-ortho 4-tert-butylphenol novolac
alpha-cellulose (cotton)
alpha-quartz + initiator
alpha-quartz, rock crystal
aluminiumoxide hydrate, Aktivtonerde F1E
aluminiumoxide hydrate, Alu-Oxid type 150
amber wolchowite
amber, Aykaite
amber, North Sea
amber, Wolchowite
amber, fused
amide-amine based on dimerized fatty acids and polyamines
amidized polyethylene
amidized polyethylene-polypropylene wax
amidized tall oil ester
amino-preaccelerated, highly reactive unsaturated polyester resin
aminoether with OH-groups based on propyleneoxide
ammonium sulfamate
ammonium sulfate
anodic electroimmersion lacquer
aqueous dispersion based on poly(vinylpropionate) (85%)
aqueous solution of a phenol resol
aromatic mineral oil
aromatic polyamidocarboxylic acid based on benzophenonetetracarbexylic dianhydride and an aromatic diamine, partially cyclized
aromatic polyamidocarboxylic acid based on benzophenonetetracarboxylic dianhydride and an aromatic diamine
aromatic polyamidocarboxylic acid based on benzophenonetetracarboxylic dianhydride and an aromatic diamine, mainly cyclized
aromatic polyether ketone, probably P(EKEKK), partially crystalline
aromatic polyethersulfone based on bisphenol A and sulfo-bis-(4-phenol)
aromatic polysulfone ether
aromatic sulfonamide-formaldehyde resin
aromatic-aliphatic ester resin
aromatic-aliphatic ester resin (benzoates, cinnamates and ethereal oils)
aromatic-aliphatic poly(ester urethane)diisocyanate with 2.9-3.1% NCO groups
aromatic-aliphatic resin
asa foetida
atactic poly(ethylethylene)
atactic polystyrene
balsam resin WG
balsam resin from Mexico
barium nitrate
based on cellulose nitrate
based on natural rubber
based on poly(vinylacetate)
basic epoxy resin cured with BF3 etherate in phthalate
basic lead sulfatephosphite
basic magnesium carbonate, magnesia alba
beeswax bleached with an oxidizing agent
beeswax, bleached
beeswax, purified
beeswax, yellow
benzoguanamine resin, etherified with butanol
beta-wollastonite (synthetic)
bisphenol A polycarbonate
bisphenol A polycarbonate (by the emulsion process)
bisphenol A resol (free from phenol and cresol)
bisphenol A-epichlorohydrin condensation product
bisphenol A-formaldehyde resin
bisphenol A-glycidylether propyleneoxide adduct
bisphenol F bis(glycidyl ether); 50% 4,4';40% 4,2;10% 2,2'-isomers
black-pigmented copolymer based on poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile-co-butadiene)
block-co-poly(amidoether), aromatic
boron nitride
branched polyethylene
branched, OH-containing polyester based on phthalic acid
brominated butyl rubber
brominated poly(isobutylene) with about 2 wt.% Br
bulk polymerized poly(acrylonitrile)
butyl titanate, polymer
butylacrylate copolymer with phthalic ester and AN copolymer
butylmethacrylate-copolymer containing OH groups
calcinated soda
calcite with silicate constituent
calcium carbonate; calcite
calcium hydroxysilicate
calcium silicate
carbamide ether, alkylene urea derivative, 93-96% in butanol
carboxy-terminated poly(butadiene)
carboxymethylated and hydroxypropylated guar
carboxymethylated guar
carboxymethylcellulose, sodium salt
cashew oil-phenol-cresol-formaldehyde resin
castor oil CI
castor stand oil
catalyst solution in poly(dimethylsiloxane)
cellulose acetate
cellulose acetate butyrate
cellulose acetate butyrate (ca. 41% CH3COOH and 17.5% C3H7COOH)
cellulose acetate butyrate with high butyrate content (53 wt.% butyryl, 2 wt.% acetyl, 1.6 wt.% OH)
cellulose acetate butyrate with polymer plasticizer
cellulose acetate with free OH-groups
cellulose nitrate (contains free OH groups)
cellulose propionate
cellulose tributyrate (57.1% butyryl groups, 0.12% OH)
china clay, kaolin
chlorinated Hevea rubber
chlorinated aliphatic polyhydrocarbon
chlorinated diphenyl
chlorinated high pressure polyethylene
chlorinated poly(4-xylylene)
chlorinated poly(isobutylene) with 1.1-1.3 wt.% Cl
chlorinated poly(vinylchloride), 67 wt% Cl
chlorinated polyethylene, 25 % Cl, with talc
chlorinated polyethylene, 25% Cl, pigmented
chlorinated polyethylene, 36% Cl, pigmented
chlorinated polyethylene, 42% Cl, pigmented
chlorinated polyethylene, 48% Cl, with talc
chlorinated polyethylene, filled with Mg silicate
chlorinated polyphenyl
chlorinated polyvinylchloride
chlorinated rubber
chlorosulfonated polyethylene
cis-polyisoprene rubber, poly(1-methyl-1-Z-butenylene)
cis-polyisoprene, poly(1-methyl-1-(Z)-butenylene)
classical maleate resin (maleic anhydride adduct of resin acid)
co-polyester based on aromatic acids (iso- and terephthalic acids) and aliphatic dicarboxylic acids, containing OH groups
coal tar pitch
coal tar, mainly aromatic
coconut oil phthalic alkyd
coconut oil, refined
cold-curing phenol resol
colophony salt
colophony, K salt
colophony, sodium salt
colophony-fumaric acid adduct (high anhydride content)
colophony-modified phenol-formaldehyde resin
colza oil (rape seed oil), refined
colza oil-based factice
combination of acrylate and melamine resins
combination of alkyd and melamine resins
combination of alkyd, epoxy and urea resins
combination of hydrophilized oil and a bisphenol-A-based resol
combination of melamine and alkyd resins
condensation product-containing cyclohexanone and methyl-cyclohexanone
copaiba balsam
copolyamide based on caprolactam
copolyamide based on hexamethylene diamine and isophthalic and terephthalic acids (the acids in molar proportion 7: 3)
copolyamide based on poly(iminolauroyl), polyamide-12, polylauryllactam
copolyamide based on polyamide-12, polylauryllactam
copolyamide from a mixture of 2,2,4- and 2,4,4-trimethylhexamethylene-1,6 diamines and terephthalic acid
copolyester based on isophthalic acid
copolyester based on tere- and isophthalic acids
copolyester based on terephthalic acid
copolyester based on terephthalic and isophthalic acids
copolyester from 4-hydroxybenzoic acid, 4,4´-dihydroxybiphenyl and terephthalic acid
copolyester of 1,4-butanediol with terephthalic and isophthalic acids
copolyester of bisphenol A with carbonic, isophthalic and terephthalic acids
copolyester of bisphenol A with isophthalic and terephthalic acids
copolyester of bisphenol A with isophthalic, terephthalic and carbonic acids
copolyester of tere- and isophthalic acids
copolyimide based on 2,4-diaminotoluene and methylene-bis(4-aniline) (4:1) with benzophenonetetracarboxylic acid dianhydride
copolyimide based on methylene-bis(4-aniline), 2,6-diaminocresol and benzophenonetetracarboxylic anhydride
copolymeric acrylic ester
copolymeric methacrylic ester, containing OH groups
copolymerized methacrylic ester
cottonseed oil, refined
cresol novolac
cresol resol
cresol resol (92-94% solid resin)
cresol-phenol novolac
cresol-phenol novolac with 9% hexamethylenetetramine
cresol-xylenol resin (resol)
crystalline higher aliphatic esters
crystalline mixture of higher n-alkanes
cumene hydroperoxide
cyclized rubber with a high degree of cyclization
cyclized rubber, high viscosity grade
cyclopentadiene-fish oil adduct
cyclopentadiene-linseed oil adduct
dammar reaction product
dehydrated castor oil alkyd resin, precrosslinked with an organic aluminium compound
dehydrated castor oil fatty acid-modified epoxy resin resin ester; 40% castor oil fatty acid, 60% epoxy resin resin
dehydrated castor stand oil
dentin of a Megatherium (palaeotherium curtum)
dentin of a cave bear (ursus spelaeus)
dentin of a recent fox
deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA
deoxyribose polyphosphate with base bridges
depolymerized guar gum (galactomanna)
di-K sulfate
di-Na hydrogen phosphate
diammonium sulfate
diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane, partially hydrolyzed
diazabicyclo[2.2.2]octane, triethylenediamine
dibenzoylperoxide with 50% H2O
dibenzoylperoxide, contains H2O
dicumene peroxide
dicumeneperoxide on CaCO3
diglycidyl dimethylhydantoin
diisopropylbenzene hydroperoxide
dimerized colophony, high melting
dimerized rosin acids
diol-transesterified oligo(methyl methacrylate)
dipotassium chromate
disodium carbonate
disodium sulfate
disodium sulfite
dispersion of a poly(vinylidene chloride-co-vinyl chloride)
dispersion of a synthetic elastomer and resin acids
dispersion of a terpolymer of vinylacetate, vinyl versatate and special acrylate. plasticizer-free
dragon's blood
elemi (Manila)
epoxidized novolac with anhydride curing agent, accelerator (p-dimethylamino-o-xylenol) and glass fabric (37% resin)
epoxy resin based on bisphenol A
epoxy resin based on bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin
epoxy resin based on bisphenol A and epichlorohydrin; epoxide equivalent 450.. 500 g resin/mol epoxide
epoxy resin based on bisphenol A with further components
epoxy resin based on bisphenol A, approximate structure
epoxy resin based on tetrabromobisphenol A
epoxy resin cured with amidoamine
epoxy resin ester based on bisphenol A
epoxy resin ester, fatty acid-modified; contains OH groups
epoxy resin resin based on bisphenol A with anhydride curing agent and accelerator (p-dimethylamino-o-xylenol); with inorganic filler (37% resin)
epoxy resin resin cured with amidoamine
epoxy resin resin cured with amidoether
epoxy resin resin ester with acid groups, hydrophilized
epoxy resin resin hardened with amidoamine
epoxy resin with 30% glass fiber, ethylacetate extract
epoxy resin with inorganic filler
epoxy resin with inorganic filler, CH2Cl2 extract
ester wax with carboxyl groups, containing emulsifier
esters of higher fatty acids with fatty alcohols, free wax acids and hydrocarbons
estertype modified poly(dimethylsiloxane)
ethanol-soluble polyamide resin
ethanol-soluble polyamide resin based on dimerized fatty acids
ether alcohol based on propylene oxide, poly(oxypropylene)diol
ether type modified poly(dimethylsiloxane)
ether-type-condensation product of an aromatic hydrocarbon (xylene) and formaldehyde; structure is idealized
ethyl polysilicate
ethylene oxide-modified fatty acid ester
externally crosslinkable acrylate-copolymer with carboxyl groups
externally crosslinkable, heat-curable acrylic resin, poly(styrene-co-acrylic ester)
extra light-colored hard rosin, neutralized with ca. 5% calcium hydroxide
fabric from wool + polypropylene 3:2
fat alkyd based on phthalic (12.2%) and maleic (1.1%) anhydrides, benzoic (0.6%) and fatty acids
fatty acid-modified resol
fatty acid-modified speciality alkyd; 63% oxidatively drying, linoleic acid-containing fatty acids
fatty oil from the seed of the safflower
fibroin with sericine
fine, aqueous resin dispersion based on a zinc-reactive poly(acrylate-co-styrene)
fluoropolyimide based on 2-bis(3-aniline)hexafluoropropylene and 2-bis(3,4-phthalylanhydride)hexafluoropropylene
fluoropolyimide based on 2-bis(4-aniline)hexafluoropropylene and 2-bis(3,4-phthalylanhydride)hexafluoropropylene
fluorosilicone with filler
fossil aliphatic ester resin with OH groups
fossil resin
fossilized, aliphatic ester resin with OH groups
furan resin
furan resin; structure is idealized
furfurylalcohol-formaldehyde resin
galipot resin
glass fiber reinforced bisphenol A polycarbonate
glycerides of linoleic (70%) and oleic (16%) acids
glycerides of linolenic (49-53%), oleic (21-23%) and linoleic (15-16%) acids
glycerides of linolenic, oleic and linoleic acids
glycerol ester of Vinsol resin
glycerol ester of colophony
graft-copolymer based on PVC (suspension polymer) and poly(ethylene-co-vinylacetate); 6% Levapren
graphite fiber
guaiacum resin
guar cationized with epoxypropyltrimethylammonium chloride
gum ammoniac
gummi arabic
gurjun balsam
hard resin based on isobutylmethacrylate-styrene
heat-curing, OH containing acrylic resin (with copolymerized styrene)
heat-curing, silicne-modified polyester based on isophthalic acid
heat-stabilized, chlorinated paraffin
hemicellulose polysaccaride
heterocyclic, trimellitic acid derivative
hexahydrophthalic acid, 1,6-hexanediol polyester (11:10)
hexamethylolmelamine hexamethyl ether, hexamethoxymethylmelamine
hexamethylolmelamine, partially etherified with tert-butanol
hide glue
high molar mass co-polyester based on tere- and isophthalic acids, saturated aliphatic dicarboxylic acids and diols
high styrene-content emulsion SB rubber, probably a mixture of poly(butadiene-co-styrene) and poly(styrene-co-butadiene)
high vacuum grease, heavy
high viscosity polyamide-6
high-pressure, low-density polyethylene
higher aliphatic polyamide
higher copolyester based on caprolactone
highly branched aliphatic hydrocarbon resin
highly reactive amide-amine from dimerized fatty acids
highly thixotropic, long-oil alkyd based on low-resin acid tall oil fatty acids; 69% triglycerides, 22% phthalic anhydride
highly viscous, yellow liquid
hindered amine based on isooctylmelamine, tetramethylpiperidine and hexamethylenediamine
hydrogen-poly(oxycarbonylpentamethylene)hydroxide, polyester-6 with OH terminal groups
hydrogen-poly(oxypropylene)hydroxide, poly(oxypropylene)
hydrogenated and pigmented poly(styrene-co-butadiene-co-isoprene)
hydrogenated and pigmented poly(styrene-co-butadiene-co-isoprene), contains carboxylic groups
hydrogenated and pigmented poly(styrene-co-butadiene-co-isoprene), contains hydroxyl groups
hydrogenated hard rosin, mixture of saturated resin acids
hydrogenated poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 34% AN units
hydrogenated poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 38% AN units
hydrogenated poly(styrene-co-butadiene-co-isoprene), with carboxylic groups
hydrogenated, oxidation-resistant wood rosin
hydrophilized acrylic-methacrylic resin
hydrophilized alkyd based on phthalic acid
hydrophilized alkyd resin
hydrophilized and amidized linseed oil
hydrophilized and amidized oil
hydrophilized and modified linseed oil
hydrophilized oil, modified with vinyltoluene
hydrophilized, phenol-modified alkyd
hydroxy-terminated poly(butadiene)
hydroxymethyl group-containing poly(styrene-co-acrylamide), reacted with formaldehyde
hydroxypropylated cellulose
hydroxypropylated guar
hydroxypropylcellulose propionate
hydroxypropylcellulose, purified
imidazolidin-2-on-formaldehyde condensation product with free hydroxymethyl groups
imidazolinesilane, 3-(N-imidazolyl)propyl-triethoxysilane
imide-modified isophthalic alkyd
imide-modified polyaddition lacquer resin based on trimellitic acid
imide-modified polyaddition resin lacquer based on trimellitic acid
indene-coumarone copolymer
internally lubricated polyamide-6,6
internally plasticized poly(vinylchloride)
isobutyl trimethoxysilane
isocyanate-crosslinkable acrylic resin
isocyanate-crosslinkable acrylic resin, poly(styrene-co-acrylic ester)
isocyanate-modified, long-oil alkyd, 61% soybean oil
isocyanate-modified, long-oil alkyd, based on soybean oil (61%)
isomerized linseed oil
isophthalic acid alkyd
isophthalic acid polyester + melamine resin + urea resin
isophthalic acid polyester modified with phenyl methyl silicone resin
isophthalic acid-neopentyl glycol-trimethylolpropane polyester
isophthalic alkyd modified with phenolic resin
isotactic polypropylene
kaolin, calcinated
keratin from finger nails
keratin, polypeptide with S-S bridges
lead nitrate
leaf-wax of a species of Mexican wolf's milk
linear polyester resin based on iso- and terephthalic acids
linear polyethylene
linear, nonreactive, aliphatic polyurethane
linear, oligomeric adipic acid ester with OH groups
linear, partially crystalline polyester based on adipic acid
linear, unbranched polyethylene
linseed oil
linseed oil (raw, hot pressed, nonrefined)
linseed oil LEH 5
linseed oil alkyd (63% oil)
linseed oil alkyd medified with poly(butylmethacrylate)
linseed oil, epoxidized
linseed-castor stand oil
liquid-crystalline poly(4,4'-dihydroxybenzophenone monoacrylate)
liquid-crystalline poly(4-methoxyanilido-1,4-phenoxy-1,6-hexylacrylate)
liquid-crystalline poly(4-methoxyanilido-1,4-phenoxy-1,6-hexylmethacrylate)
liquid-crystalline poly(4-methoxyanilido-1,4-phenoxyethylmethacrylate)
long-chain, aliphatic copolyamide
long-chain, aliphatic terpolyamide
long-oil (safflower oil), isocyanate-modified alkyd
long-oil alkyd
long-oil alkyd based on isophthalic acid (20%)
long-oil alkyd based on isophthalic and fatty acids
long-oil alkyd based on resin acid-poor tall oil fatty acids; 66% triglycerides, 24% phthalic anhydride
long-oil alkyd based on vegetable acids (21% phthalic anhydride, 63% triglycerides)
long-oil alkyd esterified with trimethylolpropane (30% isophthalic acid, 63% soybean/linseed oils)
long-oil alkyd modified with vegetable drying oils; 66% triglycerides, 25% phthalic anhydride
long-oil alkyd with drying oils; 26% phthalic anhydride, 62% triglycerides
long-oil alkyd with drying oils; 26% phthalic anhydride, 62% triglycerides; 60% in kerosene
long-oil alkyd, 65% soybean oil
long-oil alkyd, esterified with pentaerythritol; 20% phthalic anhydride, 68% linseed oil
long-oil drying alkyd, low viscosity
long-oil isophthalic acid (20%) alkyd esterified with trimethylolpropane, modified with 74% linseed oil
long-oil isophthalic acid alkyd (85% soybean fatty acid glycerides, 11% isophthalic acid)
long-oil linseed alkyd, 63% oil, 25% phthalic anhydride
long-oil phthalic alkyd (A7)
long-oil phthalic alkyd (A9)
long-oil urethane alkyd with 63% soybean oil (60% in white spirit)
long-oil, air-drying, thixotropic alkyd; 62% triglycerides (linoleic acid-rich), 28% phthalic anhydride
long-oil, medium viscous alkyd; 65% fish oil, 25% phthalic anhydride
low density polyethylene
low molar mass poly(isobutylene)
low viscosity polyamide-6
low viscosity, long-oil alkyd based on vegetable drying fatty acids, resin-modified; 69% triglycerides, 22% phthalic anhydride
low-density, branched polyethylene
low-solvent methacrylate-styrene-copolymer containing OH groups
low-viscosity short-oil alkyd, 25% triglycerides of saturated fatty acids, 32% phthalic anhydride
low-viscosity, oil-free, isophthalic acid alkyd
magnesia usta
mainly aliphatic resin with alcoholic and ether groups
mainly aliphatic, unsaturated hydrocarbon resin
mainly aromatic hydrocarbon resin
mainly phenolic and ether compounds
major component: poly(butylacrylate)
maleate oil
maleate resin, the carboxyl residues of the resin acid have been esterfied with glycerol
maleic acid-neopentyl glycol-trimethylolpropane polyester; structure is approximative
medium fat, nondrying alkyd based on a special fatty acid cut, 45% triglycerides (of which 30% C6-C14 and 70% C16-C18), 55% phthalic anhydride
medium hard silicone resin based on poly(dimethylsiloxy-co-methylphenylsiloxane)
medium tung-oil (60%) alkyd
medium-fat alkyd based on isophthalic, phthalic, p-tert-butylbenzoic and fatty acids
melamine resin molding-compound with inorganic fiber filler
melamine resin molding-compound with wood flour
melamine resin with cellulose
melamine-formaldehyde condensation product
melamine-formaldehyde resin
melamine-formaldehyde resin etherified with butanol
melamine-formaldehyde resin with asbestos fibers
melamine-phenol-formaldehyde condensation product mixed with cellulose
melamine-phenol-formaldehyde resin, not etherified
melamine-urea-formaldehyde resin
methacrylate-acrylate copolymer
methyl abietate, methyl ester of abietic acid
methylcellulose, cellulose methylether with free OH-groups
methylene-bis(2-cresylmethyl-2,6-cresol), tetrameric p-cresol-formaldehyde condensation product
middle-oil alkyd based on vegetable drying fatty acids and phthalic anhydride
middle-oil alkyd with 22.5% isophthalic acid, 3.1% phthalic anhydride, 2.0% p-tert-butylbenzoic acid
middle-oil alkyd; 50% triglycerides (soybean oil), 32% phthalic anhydride
middle-oil phthalic alkyd (A5)
middle-oil phthalic alkyd (A6)
middle-oil phthalic alkyd (A8)
middle-oil, air-drying, thixotropic alkyd with tough gel structure; 62% triglycerides (linoleic acid-rich), 27% phthalic anhydride, pentaerythritolas polyol
middle-oil, alcohol-soluble, castor oil-modified alkyd, 50% triglycerides, 28% phthalic anhydride
middle-oil; 48% triglycerides of special drying fatty acids, 23% phthalic anhydride
middle-oil; 50% special vegetable triglycerides, 25% phthalic anhydride
mixed polyester and cotton fabric 2:1
mixture manufactured in a rolling mill
mixture of Norsorex (polynorbornene), plasticizer (alkylbenzene) and kaolin (1:2:2)
mixture of abietic acids and turpentine
mixture of aliphatic and aromatic bodies
mixture of aliphatic-aromatic bodies with phenolic and alcoholic groups
mixture of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons, quinones and phenols
mixture of aromatic and aromatic-aliphatic hydrocarbons, phenols and quinones
mixture of aromatic-aliphatic bodies
mixture of aromatic-aliphatic hydrocarbons
mixture of aromatic-aliphatic resin esters, sulfur-containing ethereal oils, polysaccharides and salts
mixture of copolymers and fillers
mixture of copolymers, probably poly(vinylchloride-co-vinylacetate) and poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitirile)
mixture of cycloaliphatic and aliphatic-aromatic hydrocarbons
mixture of cycloaliphatic and aromatic-aliphatic hydrocarbons
mixture of diarylalkanes and dialkylbenzenes
mixture of fatty acid glycerides
mixture of glycerides of oleic, alpha-linoleic, beta-linoleic and other fatty acids
mixture of higher aliphatic esters and hydrocarbons
mixture of higher aliphatic esters, acids and alcohols
mixture of higher aliphatic hydrocarbons, acids and esters
mixture of higher alkanes
mixture of higher paraffin hydrocarbons
mixture of lactides, lactones, esters and ethers of aliphatic and hydroaromatic polyhydroxy acids
mixture of medium iodine number fatty acid glycerides, mainly herring oil
mixture of methylmethacrylate and bisphenol-A-bis(methacryloyloxy-2-hydroxypropyl)ether
mixture of methylmethacrylate and bisphenol-A-bis(methacryloyloxy-2-hydroxypropyl)ether; ca.3:2
mixture of oxidized resin acids
mixture of phenolic bodies
mixture of polyethylene or paraffin wax, ester resin, CaCO3 and ZnO
mixture of polymeric methacrylates and quartz powder
mixture of polyols by reduction of "formose"; the latter is obtained by polyaddition of formaldehyde
mixture of polysaccharides resins and ethereal oils
mixture of polysaccharides, resin acids and aromatic bodies
mixture of regenarated rubber (polyisoprene) and an ester-type component
mixture of resin acids
mixture of resin acids and ethereal oils
mixture of resin acids and resin alcohols
mixture of resin acids and resin esters
mixture of resin acids and terpenes
mixture of resin acids and volatile terpenes
mixture of resin acids, resin esters and phenolic components
mixture of resin alcohols, resin acids, esters and ethereal oils
mixture of resin alcohols, resin esters and resin acids
mixture of resins and polymers
mixture of saturated aliphatic hydrocarbons
mixture of saturated phthalic polyester (30-40%) with poly(styrene-co-acrylic ester)
mixture of terpene-like, ethereal oils and resin acids
mixure of resin acids (moderately oxidized)
moderately branched polyethylene
modified dicyanodiamide (simplified structural formula)
modified epoxy resin
modified hydrocarbon resin
modified hydrocarbon resins
modified natural resin, esterified with polyalcohols
modified poly(dimethylsiloxane)
modified zein
modified zinc-calcium resinate
montan-wax, raw
moulding-compound based on melamine resin filled with inorganic fibers, cured
multicomponent polymer mixture based on PVC with styrene and an ester-type-component
muscovite mica
native guar gum (galactomannan)
natural polypeptide (catgut)
natural rubber SMR-5 (smoked sheet)
non-crystalline poly(1-ethylethylene)
noncrystalline, unmodified, relatively low viscosity epoxy resin based on bisphenol A
nondrying short-oil alkyd; 33% triglycerides of highly purified, saturated fatty acids, 42% phthalic anhydride
nonreactice phthalic acid polyester
novolac-type resacetophenone-formaldehyde condensation product
o,o´-methylene-linked phenol-formaldehyde hexamer
o,o´-methylene-linked phenol-formaldehyde octaamer
o,o´-methylene-linked phenol-formaldehyde tetramer
oil-free co-polyester based on tere- and isophthalic acids, with terminal OH groups
oil-free isophthalic acid alkyd
oil-free isophthalic polyester
oil-free polyester resin based on terephthalic acid
oil-free, OH-containing, saturated polyester based on phthalic acid
oil-free, aliphatic polyester
oil-free, water-dilutable alkyd
oil-modified polyurethane based on castor and soybean oil
oil-modified polyurethane based on soybean oil
oil-modified, air-drying urethane alkyd
oleoresin ester (benzyl esters and ethereal oils)
oligo(1-ethylethylene-co-isobutylene) with terminal double bonds
oligo(butadiene) (72% Z, 27% E, 1% 1,2)
oligo(butadiene) reacted with maleic anhydride; formula is simplified
oligo(butadiene) with OH end groups
oligo(butadiene-co-acrylnitrile) with secondary amino terminal groups, 16.5% AN
oligo(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) with carboxyl end groups; 10% AN, 2.5% COOH
oligo(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) with carboxylic end groups, 10% AN units
oligo(diallyl phthalate)
oligo(dimethyl siloxane)
oligomeric phenylmethylsiloxane
oligomeric, branched-chain adipic acid ester with OH groups
p-phenylphenol resin
palm oil, refined
paraffin oil
paraffin oil, free from aromatics
partially aldolized and possibly etherified poly(vinylaldehyde)
partially aldolized poly(furfurylaldehyde), poly(furfural)
partially crystalline co-polyester based on tere- and isophthalic acids
partially etherified hydroxyethylcellulose
partially hydrolyzed aliphatic ester wax
partially hydrolyzed silicic ester
partially hydrolyzed silicic ester; the preparation contains residual ethylen glycol monoethyl ether
partially isomerized and conjugated by heating
partially polymerized (dimerized)colophony
partially saponified, aliphatic ester wax (contains carboxyl groups)
partially saponified, aliphatic ester wax (contains carboxylate)
peanut oil EE 6
peanut oil alkyd
pentacalciumhydroxyphosphate, hydroxylapatite
pentaerythritol ester of hydrogenated natural resin
perfluorinated, aliphatic hydrocarbon
perfluoroalkyl-substituted polysiloxane
perfluoroalkyl-substituted polysiloxane with filler
petroleum pitch
phenol novolac
phenol novolac (95-97% solid resin)
phenol novolac + epoxy resin resin + hexamethylenetetramine
phenol novolac + hexamethylenetetramine + asbestos fibers
phenol novolac + hexamethylenetetramine + asbestos fibers + wood flour
phenol novolac + hexamethylenetetramine + filler mixture, butanol extract
phenol novolac + hexamethylenetetramine + filler mixture, extracted with butanol
phenol novolac + hexamethylenetetramine, filled with wood flour and chalk
phenol novolac + wood flour + chalk, cured with hexamethylenetetramine
phenol novolac with a little admixed nitrile rubber
phenol novolac with hexamethylenetetramine
phenol novolac, solely o-linked
phenol resol
phenol resol, cured
phenol resol, etherified with butanol
phenol resol, etherified with methanol
phenol-butylphenol resin
phenol-formaldehyde resin esterified with pentaerythritol (contains anhydride groups)
phenol-formaldehyde resin modified with colophony, esterified with pentaerythritol
phenol-formaldehyde resin modified with specially treated colophony, esterified with pentaerythritol (contains anhydride groups)
phenol-formaldehyde resin, acid condensed (phenol novolac)
phenol-formaldehyde resin, modified with colophony, esterified with pentaerythritol
phenol-modified alkyd based on isophthalic acid
phenol-nonylphenol resin
phenolic resin modified resin ester (based on colophony)
phenolic resin moulding-compound with wood flour, contains hexamethylenetetramine
phenolnovolac with hexamethylenetetramine
phenolnovolac with more hexamethylenetetramine
phenylmethylsilicone resin-modified, oil-free isophthalic acid polyester
phenylmethylsilicone-modified isophthalic polyester (30% silicone)
phosphated guar, Na salt
phthalic acid oligoester with OH endgroups
phthalic acid-based alkyd
phthalic acid-co-polyester with reactive OH groups
phthalic acid-neopentylglycol-trimethylolpropane polyester, structure is approximated
phthalic alkyd modified with phenolic resin
phthalic ester with curing system
pigmented polyester based on terephthalic acid
pine resin
pine resin (balsam)
pine resin, fresh
plasticized, water-soluble, acid-curing urea-formaldehyde resin
plasticizer and solvent-free, 45% aqueous dispersion of a styrene-acrylic ester-copolymer with a slightly anionic surface-active agent
plasticizer-free poly(vinylacetate) dispersion, with poly(vinylalcohol) as protective colloid
plasticizer-free polystyrene dispersion (50%)
plasticizer-free resin dispersion based on a vinylacetate-maleic ester copolymer
poly(1,2,4-triazole) with oxydiphenyl and terephthalamide linkages
poly(1,4-(Z)-isoprene), poly(1-methyl-1-(Z)-butenylene)
poly(1,4-(Z)-isoprene), poly(1-methyl-1-(Z)-butenylene), with small amounts of resins and proteins
poly(1,4-cyclohexylenedimethylene terephthalate), poly(oxymethylene-1,4-cyclohexylenemethyleneoxyterephthaloyl)
poly(1,4-dimethylenecyclohexylene terephthalate), mainly (E)-configuration
poly(1,4-oxybenzoyl-co-2,6-oxynaphthoyl) + aromatic polyamide
poly(1,4-thiophenylene), poly(p-phenylenesulfide)
poly(1,6-hexamethylenedioxy-bis(propionyloxy-4-benzoic acid) anhydride)
poly(1-chloro-1-butenylene), low crystallizability
poly(1-chloro-1-butenylene), mainly (E), autoxidized; polychloroprene
poly(1-chloro-1-butenylene), mainly (E), low to moderate crystallinity; polychloroprene
poly(1-chloro-1-butenylene), mainly (E), partially crystalline; polychloroprene
poly(1-chloro-1-butenylene), mainly (E), very low crystallinity
poly(1-chloro-1-butenylene), mainly (E); polychloroprene
poly(1-chloro-1-butenylene), polychloroprene, with other components
poly(1-chloro-1-butenylene), polychloroprene, with other components and solvents
poly(1-chloro-1-butenylene-co-methacrylic acid) with 4% methacrylic acid units, very high crystallinity
poly(1-cyano-1-trityloxyallyl), poly(1-cyanoallyl tritylether)
poly(1-methyl-1-(Z)-butylene) with a small amount of resinous material
poly(1-vinylethylene), poly(1,2-butadiene)
poly(1-vinylethylene), polybutadiene with predominantly 1,2-units
poly(2,5-didecyloxy-1,4-hydroquinone terephthalate)
poly(2,5-dihexadecyloxy-1,4-hydroquinone terephthalate)
poly(2,5-dioctyloxy-1,4-hydroquinone terephthalate)
poly(2,6-methylenephenol), structure is tentative
poly(2-(4-cyano-4,4´-biphenyleneoxyhexamethylene)-1,3-propanediol 2-(4-cyano-4,4´-biphenyleneoxyhexamethylene)malonate)
poly(4-xylylene), poly(ethylene-1,4-phenylene)
poly(L-alanine) fiber
poly(L-alanine) fiber, stretched
poly(L-leucine) fiber, stretched
poly(L-methionine), stretched
poly(N-2,4,6-trimethylphenylmaleic imide)
poly(N-2,6-di-isopropylphenylmaleic imide)
poly(N-2,6-xylenylmaleic imide)
poly(N-3,5-xylenylmaleic imide)
poly(N-m-tolylmaleic imide)
poly(N-p-tolylmaleic imide)
poly(Z-butenylene) with 96.5% (Z) units
poly(Z-butenylene), polybutadiene
poly(acrylamide-co-acrylic acid), 68% acrylamide units
poly(acrylamide-co-acrylic acid), 82% acrylamide units
poly(acrylamide-co-acrylic acid), 95% acrylamide units
poly(acrylamide-co-sodium acrylate)
poly(acrylate-co-styrene) containing OH groups
poly(acrylate-co-styrene), contains OH groups
poly(acrylate-co-styrene-co-acrylic acid)
poly(acrylic acid)
poly(acrylic acid-co-methacrylic acid)
poly(acrylic ester-co-acrylamide-co-acrylonitrile), structure is tentative
poly(acrylic ester-co-styrene)
poly(acrylic hydrazide)
poly(acrylonitrile), poly(vinylcyanide)
poly(acrylonitrile-co-ethylacrylate) with other components and residual dimethylformamide
poly(acrylonitrile-co-maleic anhydride-co-maleic acid); original MAH copolymer partially hydrolyzed
poly(alpha-methylstyrene-co-styrene) 73.5:26.5 wt%
poly(amide imide) based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate) and trimellitic acid anhydride
poly(amide-6.6-co-amide-6), 85:15
poly(amidoamine) from dimerized fatty acids with di- and polyamines
poly(amidoimide) on the basis of N-(trimellitoyl)glycine and 3,3'-diaminobenzophenone (sample 3h-1)
poly(benzoxazinedione) with aromatic amide and ether linkages
poly(benzoxazinedione) with phenylene ether and isophthalamide linkages
poly(bisphenol A carbonate)
poly(butadiene epoxide), epoxidized poly(butadiene)
poly(butadiene-alt-maleic acid)
poly(butadiene-alt-maleic anhydride)
poly(butadiene-b-styrene), butadiene-styrene block-copolymer
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) and polymethacrylate
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) with additives
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 18% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 21% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 24% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 27% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 28% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 32% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 33% AN, slightly pre-crosslinked
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 33% AN, with filler
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 34% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 35% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 37% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 38% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 39% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 41% AN, pre-crosslinked
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 43% AN units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), carboxylated, 34% AN
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), carboxylated, 34% AN, preplasticized with dioctylphthalate (50/100)
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile-co-acrylic acid)
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile-co-acrylic ester)
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile-co-methacrylic acid), 33% AN and 4% acrylic acid units
poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile-co-methacrylic acid), 34% AN and 4% MAA units
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) (cold rubber)
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) 23.5 wt.% styrene, with organic acid
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) 35% styrene units, no reactive groups
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) containing carboxyl groups
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) emulsion (cold rubber) with about 23.5% styrene units and 37 parts naphthenic oil per 100 parts polymer
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) reinforced by the addition of a styrene-rich component
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) with 22.5-24.5 wt.% styrene units
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) with 22.5-24.5 wt.% styrene units, 3.75-7 wt.% organic acid
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) with 22.5-24.5 wt.% styrene units, 5-7.25 wt.% organic acid
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) with 41-43 wt.% styrene units, 3.75-7 wt.% organic acid
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) with 42-44 wt.% styrene units, 4-6 wt.% organic acid
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) with anti-ozonant
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) with ca. 23.5% styrene units and 37.5 parts naphthenic oil per 100 parts polymer
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) with carboxylic groups
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) with high aromatic oil (37.5/100)
poly(butadiene-co-styrene) with naphthenic oil (37.5/100)
poly(butadiene-co-styrene-co-acrylonitrile), carboxylated
poly(butylacrylate-co-acrylic acid)
poly(butylene terephthalate), poly(oxybutyleneoxyterephthaloyl)
poly(butylene terephthalate), reinforced with 30% glass fiber
poly(butylene-co-acrylonitrile), 34% AN units
poly(butylene-co-acrylonitrile), 38% AN units
poly(butylene-co-acrylonitrile-co-butenylene), 34% AN units, 3.5% residual double bonds
poly(butylene-co-acrylonitrile-co-butenylene), 38% AN units, 4% residual double bonds
poly(caprolactone), polyester-6, with OH endgroups
poly(cyclopentadiene-co-indene-co-linseed oil)
poly(di(oxy-1,4-phenylene)-1,4-benzoyl), aromatic polyetheretherketone
poly(dimethylsiloxane) coating composition
poly(dimethylsiloxane) with OH groups
poly(dimethylsiloxane) with SiH groups
poly(dimethylsiloxane) with filler
poly(dimethylsiloxane) with reactive groups
poly(dimethylsiloxane) with reactive groups and filler
poly(dimethylsiloxane) with reactive groups, pigmented
poly(dimethylsiloxane), modified
poly(dimethylsiloxane)-b-poly(oxypropylene), esterified
poly(ester ether urethane) based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate)
poly(ester urethane)
poly(ester urethane) based on isophthalic acid
poly(ester urethane) based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate)
poly(ester urethane) based on poly(oxytetramethylene) and methylene-bis-(4-phenylisocyanate)
poly(ester urethane) with NCO groups
poly(ester urethane)diiscocyanate with 7.1 % NCO groups
poly(ether urethane)
poly(ether urethane) based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate) and poly(oxybutylene)
poly(ether urethane) based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate) and poly(oxypropylene)
poly(ether urethane) based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate) and poly(oxytetramethylene)
poly(ether urethane) based on poly(oxybutylene) (with OH end groups) and methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate)
poly(ether urethane) based on poly(oxybutylene) and methylene-bis-(4-phenylisocyanate)
poly(ether urethane) based on poly(oxybutylene) and methylene-bis-(4-phenylisocyanate) with free NCO groups
poly(ether urethane) based on poly(oxypropylene) and methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate)
poly(ether urethane) based on poly(oxypropylene) and methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate) with NCO groups
poly(ether urethane) based on poly(oxypropylene) and methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate) with few NCO groups
poly(ether urethane) based on poly(oxytetramethylene) and methylene-bis-(4-phenylisocyanate)
poly(ether urethane) diisocyanate
poly(ether urethane) diisocyanate based on poly(oxybutylene) and methylene-bis(4-cyclohexyl isocyanate)
poly(ether urethane) diisocyanate based on poly(oxytetramethylene) and toluene-2,4-diisocyanate, curable with methylene-bis(o-chloroaniline)
poly(ether urethane) with poly(oxybutylene) based on methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate)
poly(ether-ester urethane)
poly(ether-ester urethane) based on methylene-bis-(4-phenylisocyanate)
poly(ether-ester urethane) based on methylene-bis-(4-phenylisocyanate), polyester and poly(oxybutylene)
poly(etherimide) based on m-phenylenediamine/phthalic imide and bisphenol A
poly(ethyl acrylate-co-styrene-co-acrylamide), methylolized
poly(ethylacrylate-co-vinyl-2-chloroethylether), a few percent VCEE
poly(ethylacrylate-co-vinyl-2-chloroethylether), ca. 5% VCEE
poly(ethylene terephthalate), modified with 2-methyl-2,5-dioxo-1,2-oxaphospholane
poly(ethylene terephthalate), poly(oxyethyleneoxyterephthaloyl)
poly(ethylene terephthalate), poly(oxyethyleneoxyterephthaloyl), modified
poly(ethylene terephthalate), poly(oxyethyleneoxyterephthaloyl), siliconized
poly(ethylene terephthalate), reinforced with 30 wt.% glass fibers
poly(ethylene terephthalate), reinforced with 45 wt.% glass fibers
poly(ethylene-alt-tetrafluoroethylene-co-hexafluoropropylene-co-perfluoroalkyltrifluorovinylether) (6 wt% HFP, 3 wt% PAVE units)
poly(ethylene-co-alpha-olefin), slightly oxidized
poly(ethylene-co-ethylacrylate) with 18% ethyl acrylate units
poly(ethylene-co-methylacrylate) with copolymer aliphatic acid
poly(ethylene-co-methylacrylate) with copolymerized carboxylic acid
poly(ethylene-co-propylene) with additives
poly(ethylene-co-propylene), 40 wt. % E (no olefinic structures)
poly(ethylene-co-propylene-co-diene) with additives
poly(ethylene-co-propylene-co-ethylidenenorbornene), 49 wt. % E, 3.3 wt.% ENB, remainder P units
poly(ethylene-co-propylene-co-ethylidenenorbornene), 52 wt. % E, 4.6 wt.% ENB, remainder P units
poly(ethylene-co-propylene-co-ethylidenenorbornene), 60 wt. % E, 5 wt.% ENB, remainder P units
poly(ethylene-co-propylene-co-ethylidenenorbornene), 64 wt. % E, 2.7 wt.% ENB, remainder P units
poly(ethylene-co-propylene-co-ethylidenenorbornene), EPDM rubber
poly(ethylene-co-propylene-co-ethylidenenorbornene), probably contains some copolymerized ester
poly(ethylene-co-propylene-co-ethylidenenorbornene), sequence type
poly(ethylene-co-propylene-co-ethylidenenorbornene), with 30 parts mineral oil (mainly naphthenic) in 100 parts rubber
poly(ethylene-co-vinylacetate) with 32 % VAc units
poly(ethylene-co-vinylacetate) with 33% VAc units
poly(ethylene-co-vinylacetate) with 4% VAc units
poly(ethylene-co-vinylacetate) with 45% VAc units
poly(ethylmethacrylate) with reactive groups
poly(gamma-methyl-L-glutamate), stretched
poly(glycolide-co-lactide) 9:1, polyglactin 910
poly(hexamethylene isophthalamide), poly(iminohexamethyleneimino isophtalolyl)
poly(hexamethylene terephthalate)
poly(hexane-1,6-diol carbonate), poly(oxyhexyleneoxycarbonyl)
poly(imino-1,3-xylyleneiminoadipoyl), poly(xylylene adipamide), with 30% glass fibers
poly(iminocaproyl), polycaprolactam, polyamide-6
poly(iminocapryl), polycapryllactam, polyamide-8
poly(iminohexamethyleneiminoadipoyl), polyamide-6,6
poly(iminolauroyl), polyamide-12, polylauryllactam
poly(iminolauroyl), polyamide-12, polylauryllactam, with 2 plasticizers and antiaging additive
poly(iminoundecanoyl), polyamide-11
poly(iminoundecanoyl), polyamide-11, modified
poly(isobutylene), brominated, 2% Br
poly(isobutylene), poly(1,1-dimethylethylene)
poly(isobutylene-co-isoprene) (low isoprene-content)
poly(isobutylene-co-isoprene), high isoprene-content
poly(isobutylene-co-isoprene), medium isoprene content (standard grade)
poly(isobutylene-co-isoprene), medium isoprenecontent (standard grade)
poly(isoprene-co-styrene); isoprene units mainly in the 1,4 Z-form
poly(m-phenylene isophthalamide), poly(imino-1,3-phenyleneimino isophthaloyl )
poly(methyl methacrylate-co-acrylonitrile)
poly(methylene urea)
poly(methylenecarbamide-1,3-diyl), poly(methylene urea)
poly(methylmethacrylate) resin
poly(methylphenylsilicone)-polyester combination resin
poly(methylphenylsiloxane) resin solution
poly(methylvinylether-co -maleic anhydride)
poly(oxadiazole) with oxydiphenyl and terephthalamide linkages
poly(oxy-1,4-phenylene-1,4-benzoyl), aromatic polyetherketone
poly(oxy-1,4-phenylenesulfonyl-1,4-phenylene), aromatic polyethersulfone
poly(oxy-2,6-diphenyl-1,4-phenylene), "P3O"
poly(oxybutylene) lengthened with methylene-bis(4-phenylisocyanate) and reacted with a diamine
poly(oxybutylene)diol, poly(tetrahydrofuran)diol
poly(oxybutyleneoxyterephthaloyl), poly(butyleneterephthalate)
poly(oxycaproyl), polyester-6
poly(oxyethylene-co-epichlorohydrin), approximately equimolar
poly(oxyethylene-co-epichlorohydrin), vulcanizable with S
poly(oxyethyleneoxyterephthaloyl), poly(ethyleneterephthalate)
poly(oxymethylene), lubricated with a special-purpose oil
poly(oxymethylene-1,4-cyclohexylenemethyleneoxyterephthaloyl), poly(1,4-dimethylenecyclohexylene terephthalate)
poly(oxypropylene) with 11% OH
poly(p-aminostyrene), poly(4-vinylaniline)
poly(p-benzamide), poly(4-iminobenzoyl)
poly(p-phenylene terephthalamide), poly(imino-1,4-phenyleneiminoterephthaloyl)
poly(polyoxybutylene terephthalate-b-polybutyIene terephthalate)
poly(polyoxybutylene terephthalate-b-polybutylene terephthalate)
poly(polyphenyleneterephthalamide benzimidazolediyl)
poly(polysulfide formal) based on dichlorodiethylformal and sodium polysulfide
poly(polythioacetal) with terminal SH groups
poly(propylene-co-ethylene), 43 wt.% E units
poly(propylene-co-ethylene), low content of ethylene sequences
poly(propylene-co-ethylene), noncrystalline
poly(quinazolinedione) with isophthalamide linkages
poly(sebacinoyldioxy-bis(4-benzoic acid) anhydride)
poly(styrene-co-acrylester-co-acrylamide), methylolized
poly(styrene-co-acrylic ester) with acrylonitrile terminal groups
poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile-co-butadiene), black pigmented
poly(styrene-co-alpha-methylstyrene) 81:19 wt%
poly(styrene-co-butadiene) with 85% styrene units manufactured by emulsion polymerization
poly(styrene-co-butadiene), 53.5% styrene
poly(styrene-co-butadiene), 85 % styrene units
poly(styrene-co-butyl acrylate-co-hydroxyalkylacrylate)
poly(styrene-co-maleic ester)
poly(succinoyldioxy-bis(4-benzoic acid) anhydride)
poly(sulfonyl-1,2-dimethylethylene), predominantly meso
poly(sulfonyl-1,2-dimethylethylene), predominantly racemic
poly(tert-butylacrylate-co-oxypropylacrylate ester)
poly(tetrachlorobisphenol A carbonate)
poly(thianthrene), contains aliphatic structures
poly(triketoimidazolidine) with aromatic trimellitimide linkages
poly(triketoimidazolidine) with aromatic trimellitimide linkages, structure is simplified
poly(trimellic amide imide)
poly(vinyl fluoride)
poly(vinyl methyl ether), poly(1-methoxyethylene)
poly(vinyl propionate-co-vinylacetate)
poly(vinyl-isobutylether); partially it.
poly(vinyl-isoutyl ether), poly(1-i-butoxyethylene)
poly(vinylacetal) with residual vinylacetate and vinylalcohol groups
poly(vinylacetate) with additives
poly(vinylacetate), possibly with some vinylalcohol groups
poly(vinylacetate-co-E-2-butenic acid)
poly(vinylacetate-co-ethylene), 3:1
poly(vinylacetate-co-ethylene), 70% VAc units
poly(vinylacetate-co-ethylene), 80% VAc units
poly(vinylacetate-co-ethylene), 8:2
poly(vinylbutyral) (74-77%) with 18-21% vinylalcohol and 3% vinylacetate
poly(vinylbutyral) (with vinylalcohol and a small proportion of vinylacetate groups)
poly(vinylbutyral) (with vinylalcohol groups)
poly(vinylchloride) + 38% di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate
poly(vinylchloride) plasticized with phthalate ester and filled with calcium carbonate
poly(vinylchloride) with ester-type plasticizer
poly(vinylchloride), bulk polymerized
poly(vinylchloride), emulsion polymer
poly(vinylchloride), emulsion polymer; contains a small amount of sodium carbonate
poly(vinylchloride), plasticized with phthalate ester
poly(vinylchloride), suspension polymer
poly(vinylchloride-co-acrylate) with free OH-groups
poly(vinylchloride-co-maleic ester)
poly(vinylchloride-co-vinyl acetate)
poly(vinylchloride-co-vinyl acetate), 85:15
poly(vinylchloride-co-vinyl ester)
poly(vinylchloride-co-vinyl propionate)
poly(vinylchloride-co-vinyl-isobutyl ether)
poly(vinylcyclohexyl ether)
poly(vinylethyl ether)
poly(vinylidene chloride-co-acrylic ester)
poly(vinylidene chloride-co-acrylonitrile)
poly(vinylidene chloride-co-ethylacrylate)
poly(vinylidene fluoride)
poly(vinylidene fluoride), poly(1,1-difluoroethylene)
poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene)
poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-trifluoroethylene)
poly[bis(2-chloromethyl)oxytrimethylene] poly[bis(2-chloromethyl)oxetane]
polyacrylate dispersion
polyacrylate dispersion with terminal OH groups
polyacrylate with OH terminal groups, probably poly(ethyl acrylate-co-styrene)
polyacrylic acid
polyacrylic salt containing amide and nitrile residues (acrylate-acrylamide-acrylonitrile)
polyamide from 1,4-cyclohexane-bis(aminomethane) and terephthalic acid, mainly E-form
polyamide from methylene-bis(4-aminocyclohexane) and dodecane diacid
polyamide resin based on polymerized fatty acids
polyamide-11, alpha-form
polyamide-12-b-polyether, stabilized
polyamide-4, polypyrrolidone
polyamide-6,12 with additives
polyamideimide resin
polyamidocarboxylic acid based on pyromellitic dianhydride and oxy-bis(4-aniline), partially cyclized
polybasic lead phosphitesulfite complex
polybenzimidazole fabric
polybutadiene (cold polymerized) with 37.5 parts naphthenic oil per 100 parts polymer
polybutadiene (cold polymerized) with 37.5 parts of high aromatic oil per 100 parts polymer
polybutadiene with 1,4-Z, 1,2 and 1,4-E structures
polycarbonate grafted on poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile)
polycondensed butyl titanate
polyester containing unsaturated structures and filler, CH2Cl2 extract
polyester from hexane-1,6-diol and adipic acid (oligomer), polyester-6,6
polyester from hexane-1,6-diol, neopentyl glycol and adipic acid
polyester urethane with a small OH content (0.1%)
polyester with OH groups (phthalate/polyacrylate)
polyester, containing unsaturated structures and filler (calcium carbonate)
polyester-2, polyglycolide
polyesterimide based on terephthalic and trimellitic acids
polyesterimide based on terephthalic and trimellitic acids, a polyol and a diamine
polyetheralcohol from formite (polyol from formaldehyde), saccharose and poly(oxypropylene)
polyfunctional, aliphatic polyurethane with isocyanate residues
polyimide based on aminophenyltrimethylindaneamine and pyromellitic acid dianhydride
polyimide based on oxy-bis(4-aniline) and pyromellitic acid dianhydride
polyimide based on pyromellitic dianhydride and oxy-bis(4-aniline)
polyimide from benzophenonetetracarboxylic acid and an aliphatic diamine
polyisoprene (natural rubber) together with other components
polymer blend poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) and carboxylated polyvinylchloride
polymer blend poly(butyleneterephthalate) + poly(bisphenol A carbonate)
polymer blend poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile)+poly(butenylene-co-alkylmethacrylate)
polymer blend polyamide-6 + polypropylene 7:3
polymer blend polyamide-6 + polypropylene 7:3 + maleic anhydride-modified polypropylene
polymer blend polypropylene + poly(ethylene-co-propylene)
polymer blend polypropylene + polyamide-6 7:3
polymer blend polypropylene + polyamide-6 7:3 + maleic anhydride-modified polypropylene
polymer mixture (70/30) from carboxylated poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) and PVC, gelled
polymer mixture (7:3) from poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) and PVC
polymer mixture and graft-copolymer based on polystyrene and ethylene-propylene rubber
polymer mixture based on terephthalaic polyester and acetate polymer
polymer mixture from PVC and 20% of an elastomer (copolymer of butadiene and an ester-type monomer)
polymer mixture from equal parts of carboxylated poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) and PVC, gelled mixture
polymer mixture from poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) and PVC, plasticized with dioctylphthalate (100:60:120)
polymer mixture from poly(oxymethylene) and 15 wt.% poly(tetrafluoroethylene)
polymer mixture from poly(oxymethylene) and poly(tetrafluoroethylene) 4:1, with added silicone
polymer mixture from poly(oxymethylene) and poly(tetrafluoroethylene), 4:1
polymer mixture from polypropylene and poly(ethylene-co-propylene)
polymer mixture from polypropylene and poly(ethylene-co-propylene-co-diene)
polymer mixture of 7 parts Udel polysulfone and 3 parts Makrolon polycarbonate
polymer mixture of 70% poly(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile) and 30% PVC
polymer mixture of poly(2,6-dimethyl-l,4-oxypbenylene) and polystyrene
polymer mixture of poly(i-butylene) and an ester-type compound
polymer mixture of polyamide-6 and polyamide-6,6, 85:15
polymer mixture of polyamide-6,6 and polyamide-6, 85:15
polymer mixture/graft-copolymer from poly(styrene-co-alpha-methylstyrol-co-acrylonitrile-co-butadiene) 32:27:25:16
polymer mixture; Makrolon (polycarbonate) and Novodur [(poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile-co-butadiene)]
polymer-modified polyamide 6
polymeric hindered amine
polymeric polysulfide acetal with SH terminal groups; 1.5-1.7% SH
polymeric polysulfide acetal with SH terminal groups; 1.6-1.8% SH
polymeric polysulfide acetal with SH terminal groups; 1.8-2.0% SH
polymeric polysulfide acetal with SH terminal groups; 5-6.5% SH
polymeric polysulfide acetal with SH terminal groups; 5.9-7.7% SH
polymethacrylate dispersion
polymethacrylate resin containing OH groups
polymethacrylate resin with crosslinking components
polynorbornene, poly(1,4-methylene-2-E-cyclohexylene)
polyphenoxathiine with isophthalamide and oxydiphenyl linkages
polyphosphazene fluoroelastomer PNF-200
polyphosphazene foam
polypropylene (Vestolan P 5200) reinforced with 20% talcum
polypropylene reinforced with 20% talcum
polypropylene, atactic
polypropylene, isotactic
polyquinazolone with oxydiphenyl and terephthalamide linkages
polysaccharide from cellobiose units
polysaccharide pullulan
polysiloxane with SiH groups
polystyrene with OH endgroups
polystyrene, atactic
polystyrene-b-poly(ethylene-co-ethylethylene)-b-polystyrene, 14% styrene units
polysulfide formal with terminal SH groups
polythiazole with aromatic amide and ether linkages
polythiazole with isophthalamide and phenoxy linkages
polyurethane with residual isocyanate groups
potassium alum
potassium chromate
potassium cyanide
potassium ferricyanide
potassium hexacyanoferrate(II), potassium ferrocyanide
potassium nitrate
potassium sulfate
precondensed, sole binder (alkyd-urea resin)
prim. potassium phosphate
prim. sodiumphosphate dihydrate
primary aliphatic amine
probably poly(styrene-co-acrylate-co-acrylamide), hydrophilized
propyleneoxide adduct with poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile)
propyleneoxide adduct with poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile), predominantly oxypropylene sequences
protein containing 25% glycine and 15% hydroxyproline
protein with 25% glycine and 14% hydroxyproline
reaction product from 7 parts linseed oil and 3 parts cyclopentadiene
reaction product of bisphenol A diglycidylether with m-phenylenediamine
reaction product of linseed oil (63%), polyols and diisocyanate
reactive poly(dimethylsiloxane)
reactive poly(ethylacrylate), chlorine-free
regenerated cellulose
resin acid produced from tall oil
resin acids, resin esters and volatile terpenes
resin based on poly(dimethylsiloxane)
resin based on poly(dimethylsiloxy-co-methylphenylsiloxane)
resin based on poly(methylphenylsiloxane)
resin based on unsaturated hydrocarbons
resin dispersion based on a vinylacetate-acrylic ester copolymer
resin dispersion based on poly(vinylacetate) with polyvinyl alcohol as protective colloid
resin dispersion based on styrene-acrylic ester copolymers, plasticizer and solvent free
resin from unsaturated petroleum hydrocarbons
resin manufactured by condensing xylene-forrnaldehyde resin with substituted phenols, contains aromatic-aliphatic ether linkages, alcoholic and phenolic OH groups
resin-modified, middle-oil alkyd based on drying fatty acids (15% phthalic anhydride, 52% triglycerides, 22% modified resin)
resin-modified, short-oil alkyd based on drying fatty acids (22% phthalic anhydride, 46% triglycerides, 10% modified resin)
resin-modified, short-oil alkyd based on drying fatty acids (23% phthalic anhydride. 40% triglycerides, 20% modified resin)
resin-modified, short-oil alkyd based on vegetable drying oils; 30% triglycerides. 39% phthalic anhydride
resin-modified, tung oil-free, short-oil alkyd (32% phthalic anhydride, 38% triglycerides, 20% modified resin)
rice starch
rosin acid
rosin acid-maleic anhydride adduct (classical maleate resin)
rosin ester based on high-quality rosin
rosin hardened with Mg(OH)2
rubber tree seed oil
safflower oil
safflower oil AEH 7
safflower oil AEH 77
saponified poly(vinylacetate-co-ethylene), poly(vinylalcohol-co-ethylene)
sec. sodiumphosphate
self-crosslinking acrylic resin, poly(styrene-co-acrylic ester)
semicrystalline polyester, based on poly(butylene terephthalate) with 30% glass fibers
semidrying oil, triglycerides of alpha-linoleic (34%), beta-linoleic (13%), oleic (39%) and other unsaturated acids
shale powder, grey
shellac, yellow
short dehydrated castor oil alkyd: 40% triglycerides, 38% phthalic anhydride, 2.5% OH
short-chain polyether alcohol based on polyoxyethylene, contains H2O
short-oil alkyd based on phthalic acid
short-oil alkyd based on phthalic, maleic and fatty acids
short-oil alkyd based on saturated fatty acids; 32% triglycerides, 38% phthalic anhydride
short-oil alkyd modified with saturated fatty acids; 32% triglycerides, 38% phthalic anhydride
short-oil phthalic alkyd (A1)
short-oil phthalic alkyd (A2)
short-oil phthalic alkyd (A3)
short-oil phthalic alkyd (A4)
short-oil, air-drying, thixotropic alkyd; 47% triglycerides (linoleic acid-rich), 25% phthalic anhydride; pentaerythritol as polyol
short-oil, drying alkyd (60% in xylene); 33% phthalic anhydride, 36% triglycerides, 20% hard resin
short-oil, drying alkyd (60% in xylene); 37% phthalic anhydride, 42% triglycerides, 10% hard resin
short-oil, linoleic acid-rich, air-drying, thixotropic alkyd
short-oil, linseed oil-modified alkyd; 35% plant drying oils, 9% modifying resin, 36% phthalic anhydride
short-oil, nonoxidizing alkyd (46% phthalic anhydride, 27% saturated fatty acids; pentaerythritol)
short-oil, thixotropic alkyd, 30% quick-drying vegetable fatty acids, > 10% modified resin, 38% phthalic anhydride
short-oil, thixotropic alkyd; oil-content (vegetable fatty acids) 27%, less than 9% modified resin, phthalic anhydride 34%
siliceous material
siliceous material containing small amount of carbonate
silicone based on poly(dimethylsiloxane)
silicone based on poly(dimethylsiloxane), high-molecular "methylpolysiloxane"
silicone based on poly(dimethylsiloxane), low-molecular "methylpolysiloxane"
silicone-coated polyacetal (polyoxymethylene)
silk from Bombyx mori L.
silver nitrate
slightly branched polyester based on terephthalic acid, containing OH groups
slightly brownish elastic material
slightly crystalline copolyester based on tere- and isophthalic acids
slightly crystalline copolyester based on tere- and isophthalic esters
slightly crystalline copolyester based on terephthalic acid
sodium bicarbonate
sodium polyacrylate; polyacrylic acid, Na salt
sodium rhodanide
sodium sulfate
sodium sulfite
soft, thermoplastic poly(isobutylmethacrylate) resin
solution of an initiator in an ester
solvent-free silanol-functional solid poly(propylphenylsiloxane) resin
solvent-free, reactive, methoxy-functional poly(methylphenylsiloxane)
southeast Asian tree resin (Shorea and Hopea species, Dipterocarpaceae)
soybean oil
soybean oil, epoxidized
specially lubricated poly(oxymethylene)
specially modified, acidic (acid No. 25-40), OH group-containing polyester based on isophthalic acid
sterically hindered phenol
sterically hindered piperidine succinic polyester
strontium nitrate
structural protein containing 18 different amino acids; major-component: cystine
styrenated alkyd, 35% triglycerides, 26% phthalic anhydride
styrenated dehydrated castor oil (27%) alkyd, 20% styrene, hard resin
styrenated phenol, structure is hypothetical
styrene-acrylic resin containing OH groups
styrene-butadiene-styrene triblock-copolymer (styrene/butadiene ratio ca. 1:1 extended with mineral oil (35 wt.%)
styrene-butadiene-styrene triblock-copolymer; butadiene: styrene = 55:45
styrene-butadiene-styrene triblock-copolymer; butadiene: styrene = 65:35; extended with 31.5 parts mineral oil per 100 parts rubber
styrene-butadiene-styrene triblock-copolymer; butadiene: styrene = 70:30
styrene-isoprene-styrene triblock-copolymer, isoprene styrene = 85:15
styrene-modified epoxy resin resin ester based on tung oil and castor oil fatty acids
styrenized oil
substituted dicyanodiamide (simplified structural formula)
sulfonated polystyrene, acid form
sulfur-modified biogenic oil
sulfuric acid adduct of poly(di(oxy-1,4-phenylene)-1,4-benzoyl)
sulfurized vegetable oil, factice
sunflower seed oil
sunflower seed oil, refined
synthetic resin from poly(styrene-co-maleic ester), free from phenol groups and from colophony
tall oil methyl ester
tall resin acid
terephthalic acid copolyester with diisocyanatocarbonic acid, crosslinked with triglycidylisocyanurate (simplified structure)
terephthalic acid polyester with aliphatic diol
terephthalic acid polyester, acidic
terephthalic acid polyester, oil-free
terephthalic polyester, acidic
terpene-phenol resin
terpolyamide based on caprolactam
terpolyamide from equal parts of polyamides 6 and 6,6 and a polyamide from methylene-bis(4-aminocyclohexane)
terpolymer of vinylchloride, vinylacetate and a dicarboxylic acid (3% of the latter)
tert-butylphenol resin
tert-octylphenol resin
tetrachlorophthalic acid-neopentylglycol-trimethylolpropane polyester; structure is approximated
tetraethyl orthosilicate, tetraethoxysilicium
tetrahydrophthalic acid-neopentylglycol-trimethylolpropane polyester; structure is approximated
tetrapotassium hexacyanoferrate(II) trihydrate
tetrapropyl orthosilicate, tetrapropoxysilicon
thermoplastic acrylic resin
thermoplastic acrylic resin based on poly(isobutylmethacrylate)
thermoplastic acrylic resin based on poly(styrene-co-butylacrylate-co-acrylic acid)
thermoplastic co-polyester based on aromatic dicarboxylic acids (iso- and terephthalic acids) and aliphatic diols
thermoplastic polyamide resin based on dimerized fatty acids and polyamines
thermoplastic polyester based on poly(butylene terephthalate)
thermoplastic polyester based on poly(ethylene terephthalate)
thermoplastic polyester based on poly(ethylene terephthalate) with 20% glass fibers
thermoplastic resin based on poly(vinylchloride)
thiolignin from corn stalks
thiolignin from rice straw
thiourea-formaldehyde resin
thixotropic linseed oil with strong gel structure
thixotropic, linseed oil-based urethane alkyd
thixotropic, short-oil, nondrying, fatty acid-modified alkyd; thixotropic component polyurethane, 22% triglycerides, 39% phthalic anhydride
thixotropized oil
titanium dioxide
tolu balsam
toluenesulfonamide resin
tragacanth gum
train oil, fish oil
transparent, gel-coat resin based on modified unsaturated isophathalic polyester resin
tremolite asbestos
triaminosilane, 3-(aminoethylaminoethylamino)propyl-trimethoxysilane
tribasic Pb sulfate
tricalcium phosphate
triglycerides of different Z-unsaturated fatty acids
triglycerides of different Z-unsaturated fatty acids from Carthamus tinctorius
tripotassium hexacyanoferrate(III)
unbranched high-density polyethylene
unbranched polyethylene, extruded
unbranched polyethylene, selfreinforced
unmodified epoxy resin based on bisphenol A
unsaponifiable resin with ester, acid and OH groups
unsaturated acid resin with high vinylidene content
unsaturated aliphatic polyester resin
unsaturated aliphatic polyester resin (paraffin type), 60% in styrene
unsaturated aliphatic polyester resin (polish polyester); hard, highly reactive
unsaturated aliphatic polyester resin (polish polyester); reactive, moderately elastic
unsaturated aliphatic polyester-imide resin
unsaturated phthalate-maleate polyester resin
unsaturated phthalate-maleate polyester resin (paraffin type)
unsaturated polyester based on 1,4-butanediol and hexolic anhydrides
unsaturated polyester based on ethyleneglycol and hexolic anhydrides with 1,4-butanediol
unsaturated polyester based on maleic and hexolic anhydrides with 1,4-butanediol 0.5:0.5:1
unsaturated polyester based on maleic and phthalic anhydrides with butanediol 0.5:0.5:1
unsaturated polyester based on maleic, phthalic and hexolic anhydrides with 1,4-butanediol 0.5:0.1:0.4:1
unsaturated polyester based on maleic, phthalic and hexolic anhydrides with 1,4-butanediol 0.5:0.2:0.3:1
unsaturated polyester based on maleic, phthalic and hexolic anhydrides with 1,4-butanediol 0.5:0.3:0.2:1
unsaturated polyester based on maleic, phthalic and hexolic anhydrides with 1,4-butanediol 0.5:0.4:0.1:1
unsaturated polyester resin
unsaturated polyester resin based on iso- and terephthalic acids, filled with glassfibers and chalk
unsaturated polyester resin based on tere- and isophthalic acids
unsaturated polyester resin based on triallyl cyanurate
unsaturated polyester resin with acrylic ester as monomer component
unsaturated polyester resin with long glass fibers
unsaturated polyester resin with mainly aliphatic constituents, together with some phthalic ester
unsaturated polyester resin with pigment and long glass fibers
unsaturated polyester resin, free from fatty acid based on fumaric and terephthalic acids
urea-formaldehyde resin, etherified with ethanol
urea-formaldehyde resin, etherified with methanol
urea-formaldehyde-condensation product with cellulose
urea-formaldehyde-condensation product, unmodified
urethane alkyd based on linseed oil
urethane alkyd, linseed oil-rich
urethane oil
very hard resin, maximally neutralized with ca. 9% Zn
vinyl-terminated oligo(butadiene-co-acrylonitrile), 16% AN units
vinylchloride copolymer with other components
vinylpropionate-copolymer, plasticizer-free, medium viscous
vinylpyrrolidone copolymer
vinyltoluene-modified alkyd, 33% triglycerides, 19% phthalic anhydride
walnut oil
water-dilutable alkyd based on drying vegetable fatty acids; 25% triglycerides, 26% phthalic anhydride
water-dilutable, air-drying, short-oil alkyd based on vegetable fatty acids, modified with phenol resin and isocyanate; 30% triglycerides, 19% phthalic anhydride
water-dilutable, nondrying alkyd; acid number of the solid resin 55-65
water-dilutable, oil-free alkyd based on isophthalic acid; triethylamine or dimethylaminopropanol are recommended for neutralization
water-dilutable, oil-free alkyd based on phthalic acid
water-dilutable, oxidatively drying alkyd with special, unsaturated fatty acids (alkaline)
water-dilutable, short-oil alkyd based on dehydrated castor oil (34% triglycerides, 25% phthalic anhydride); 55% solution in an aqueous glycol ether-alcohol mixture, neutralized with dimethylethanolamine
water-emulsifiable, air-drying, long-oil alkyd based on resin-free, drying fatty acids
water-soluble resin from the bark of various acacia species
water-soluble, drying epoxy resin resin ester; oil type: special fatty acids solid resin
wood rosin 10-X-TM
wood rosin B
wood rosin FF
wool keratin
xonotlite, spherical (synthetic)
xonotlite, stick-like (synthetic)
zinc oxide paste (90%)
zinc-calcium resin with about 4.6% ZnO and 2.3% CaO
zinc-calcium resinate

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